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 "Each moment of each day we are called to be with the dying, keeping watch in all we do."  Venerable Mary Potter


The Little Company of Mary was especially founded to pray and care for the sick and the dying. Join us in praying for the dying of the world.

In our world millions of people die daily. Many die alone without the benefit of family, friends or even medical support. Will you join us in praying for those who die each day?

There are many to pray for:

  • Men, women and children that are subject to ruthless violence and their deaths are unrecorded.
  • The high mortality of HIV/AIDS
  • From age, chronic illness, accidents and suicide
  • Suffering of emotional pain and separation through divorce, bereavement, and broken relationships, drug and alcohol abuse.

Enter into the lives of others through prayer and bring the healing presence of Jesus into their lives. Each member of the human family is made in the image and likeness of God. None of us deserve to die alone or uncared for.

Join us in praying for those of our world who today need your prayer and presence in their lives.

Eternal Father by the death of Jesus, save the dying.
Jesus, by your infinite compassion, show compassion to the dying.

Loving Spirit of God, have mercy on the dying.
Maternal Heart of Mary, more loving and suffering than the hearts of all mothers, implore God's mercy for the dying.

If you would like the Sisters to pray especially for someone
please submit a request here: LCM CIO Privacy Notice_ Prayer Request March 2018