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Mary Potter

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Mary PotterSeated in a train on a cold, gloomy day in January 1877 we see a small lonely figure of a young woman. As she gazes at the passing landscape one can't help noti­cing that, though not beautiful, her face has something more striking than beauty. Her eyes are a lovely blue and if one has a chan­ce to look into them they seem to look at one and at the same time through one into the distance, sadly and wistfully, for this young woman has just come to a decision to leave her home and mother and to go to Nottingham and talk with the Bishop there about a work that she feels very strongly that God is asking her to do for Him.

For years she has been trying to get this work commenced but at every attempt she has been thwarted, yet something stronger than herself is urging her on.

The previous day she had been on a visit to Brighton with her sister-in law, and at the end of the day, when it was time to return to her home in Portsmouth, she surprised her sister-in-law by declaring that she would be staying in London. She would go to her brother's home for the night.

On the day that we see her seated in the train bound for Nottingham her brother had taken her to the station and bought her ticket for her, not knowing for sure what she was going to do, but feeling deeply for her he did not ask too many questions. 

Mary PotterAs the train drew away from London she wondered at what she was doing, but with a strong faith she settled into her seat and prayed that her mission would come to a fruitful conclusion. She was not used to travelling alone, especially such a distance, and the train was not due to arrive at Notting­ham until 8:00 pm. She had asked for accommodation at a convent but had been re­fused. What was she going to do when she arrived there?

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