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Mary Potter

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Mary Potter’s vision was that the members of the Little Company of Mary would follow Jesus’ pattern of self-giving love on Calvary for the sake of the Kingdom. They would do this in union with Mary’s maternal heart by bringing God’s love to the world.

Her own experience of the transforming power of the mystery of Christ, and the maternal role of Mary in the economy of salvation enabled Mary Potter to draw others to share her vision.  The infant community came to birth in 1877, when four companions joined her in a disused stocking factory in the village of Hyson Green, Nottingham. Their mission was that none of those for whom Jesus suffered and died be lost and they responded to contemporary needs by evangelizing in word and deed, through the ministries of prayer for the dying, nursing, teaching and other pastoral activities.

It is this charism which members of the Little Company of Mary and those who belong to the Greater Company of affiliates, associates and Mary Potter’s Volunteers are called to live. Our passionate love for God and humanity compels us to search out the lost, the lonely and the alienated. For them, as for the dying and the sick in mind, heart or body, we are messengers of God’s infinite and inclusive love.