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Mary Potter

Her Writings


Mary Potter was a prolific writer and in the many books and conferences she wrote she gave expression to the development of her vision, the spirituality and the expansion of the Congregation. While many of her writings have been published a vast quantity of material has remained unpublished. There are 2,120 letters, 680 conferences addressed to the Sisters and Novices of the Little Company of Mary, four manuscript books of notes written in obedience to her Spiritual Directors, and manuscripts on devotion to the Maternal Heart, devotion to the dying and on ‘Calvary Priests’. The language and style can be difficult to read however, with effort you can understand the messages. Some books have been edited and are easier to read.

Some published books are: 


The following letters allow the reader to enter into the foundation story and development of the Congregation. You can search through all web pages, letters and documents on this website from the 

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1. Letters of Mary Potter to Monsignor John Virtue online.

2. Letters of Mary Potter to Father Edward Selley SM- 1876-1882

Completed and online, with thanks to Margaret Service LCM

3. Letters of Mary Potter to Mary Fulker:

Completed - with thanks to Margaret Service LCM

4. Letters of Mary Potter to Elizabeth Bryan (Mother Magdalen)
Fifteen letters currently on-line. More will be added as they become available. Thanks are due to Bernadette Fitzgerald LCM for typing these.

5. Letters of Mary Potter to her family

With thanks to Margaret Service - All letters online.

6. Letters from Bishop Bagshawe to Mother Mary Potter and Mother Philip Coleridge

7. Letters of Mother Mary Potter to Mother Cecilia Smith

8. Letters of Mother Mary Potter to Mother Philip Coleridge. 303 letters in four parts: Letters 1-52, Letters 53-179, Letters 180-254, Letters 255-303

The typing of these letters was done by Charlotte Karlsson from the LCM Generalate - our thanks for this marathon effort.