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» Mother Philip Coleridge: Letters 53-179

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Letter 53:

God bless my Childie,


So glad of your postcard and to know that so far you are comfortable. Sent papers, but it seems almost profane to that holy spot.


Are we to order photographs of Capparoni? No one has been and nothing has occurred. It is very quiet at present, as many as possible are at the French lesson. Sr. Bernadette came on a little so so, and Sr. Peter thought it would do her good to be in bed today.


I feel I am going to Lourdes with you both. I wonder what graces Our darling Mother will give you to bring home. May we all be faithful to them, what a deal we have to answer for. We went to that poor woman, whom you told me to send to, but she was out.


Monsignor Campbell said that that letter of Sr. Montfort's brother should have been answered at once, though religious we should be business (like). Sr. Montfort said I had given it to Mother Magdalen, who had not given it to her, for fear of her being disturbed while out at a case.


God give you now, through His favourite Fount of grace Mary, all you need to help you do works that will never perish, but bring fruit in eternity. Thus prays for you, Mother. Love dear Theresa and Patricia also Miss Dickinson. Am very well.

Letter 54:

God bless my child,


We have been praying, burning candles etc, so anxious at your travelling such a bad day. Do hope you found all well and happy, and the air a little fresher. Mother Theresa said today, What can be the reason that Mother Philip's leaving Rome is the signal for such a "caldo" to come in. Don Giuseppe give Benediction and said Mass, the Missionary no. The Black Mass was forgotten, we can have one on Saturday.


No news. You see M. Catherine's letter is more hopeful about getting the houses. Shall be glad when we know Lizzie is safely in Hyson Green. She can be, - please God, will be very useful. You must excuse this writing. My arm is worse, but Sr. Joseph has looked to it and it is better than last night, but my childie will not want more to day from her loving mother Mary. I do think you will do some good. Say to Sr. Josephine and all what I would and tell them how I would love to be in my loved Sanctuary of the Precious Blood. Could you write a line to Sr. Evangelist Chicago, making perpetual vows Maternity?

Letter 55:

God bless you, are you better? You do not say.


You need not send the letter of Con. about Stannie. I have one, I only wanted to know if you had, before I sent it. Am sorry about Sr. Gabriel, her time has to come. May she be prepared. When shall Sr. Peter commence Retreat? Mother Veronica will be glad to give Madeleine a Retreat on the 8th. Had I better put if off until after the Maternity?


Sr. Peter is preparing so nicely and quietly; reading "The Path of Mary" and like it so much, never read it before. I think we had better write it up as the custom before 1st Vows to read (it). It was my childie, was it not? - who remembered to tell Sr. Peter to read them. I remember asking you, so that she might increase in devotion to Our Lady. She will do us credit in Malta, and if Dr.. Schembri gets us into the British Seamen or Soldiers' Hospital, as he is going to try, where the Military nurses are, - I said I did not mind supplanting them.


Have sent ceremonials. Your loving mother Mary.

Letter 56:

God bless all! Happy Feast, see what a Birthday Gift Our Lady has sent. It came last night and it is now 8 a.m. and I am registering it to you to make sure you get it safe, so you will expect a long letter, at this early hour. If I can I will write to M. Cecilia to-night. I would like to make everyone happy for our Lady's Feast.


The nuns just sent up 100 francs to begin with, gave 50 to the Sacristan at St. Peter's so nice, say they will save trouble and have their meals with seculars. I am glad for Miss Dickinson's sake when she returns. Am looking forward to a happy return and fresh work for dear Jesus. Is not God good to let us work for Him. You know you are always instructing others and those "are to shine as stars for all eternity."


Let us know how M. del Val is; we have not heard. You must bless and love all and make all happy tomorrow for
Your loving mother Mary.

Letter 57:

God bless you,


We are making a Novena for M. Veronica through Stannie's intercession. She has written a long letter and says in it, at the end, how she suffers and is obliged to pray for relief. God will give it and make her crown beautiful. We never heard what she suffered in her last illness. Mother Magdalen said the Dr. said, her only cure was a most painful one, that he did not think she could bear. Our good Father O'Shea told the Dr. she would bear whatever she was ordered, and Mother Magdalen says she was almost flayed alive. She had never seen anyone suffer so much and be so brave.


Truly we have some saintly souls in the Little Company and more to come. My childie will be one if the prayer is heard of her loving Mother Mary. Welcome my old charader back and my new baby.

Letter 58:

God bless, Courage! Jesus will comfort you. He has always shown you special love, sending you special help. Do not wound His Heart by doubt. You, of all, should not. Use Our Lady's Heart to thank God again and again for all He has done for you.


This worship with Mary's soul and heart pleases God more than the most saintly ecstasies. Just answered Mons. M. del Val "this week". Come home with a brave heart to Mother.

Letter 59:

God bless my Child,


Have come down earlier today, so have a nice quiet time to write. I see M. Cecilia has written you about poor Rufus, but I will tell the other side of the story. It was Rufus sniffing, (expecting as usual some refreshment after the exertion of coming down) that reminded M. Cecilia that I usually had something, and when he had done the good deed, she carried him off without a drop, he all the time remonstrating as well he might, - I call it mean of her.


I enclose letter of Mother Catherine, regarding Agnes; does she understand she is to ask the Bishop if she may have 6 months more? Mother Michael's is quite reasonable; if you had not been particular, what letters would have been sent out. I was glad to see from our old Montfort's letter, that she is going on alright; in fact there seems to be an increase of grace amongst our sisters that I feel truly grateful for.

Now, would you believe my quiet time was interrupted by Don Giuseppe's tribe? All looking rosy from the Country, I don't think they would have come back, if they had known what weather it was. Benediction over, hurried in from another attempt at a storm. Missionary in Church praying with head bowed and deep sighs, utterly unconscious, I believe of creatures. What a happy old man to have served God so faithfully.


Did you send the letter about Stannie to England? All houses have had it, except Hyson Green and Saint John's. No wonder I am so tired and exhausted in the morning, after nightly travels to Ireland, Antipodes etc. A novice in Sydney has seem me and described me to Mother Rose most accurately. Love them all and be very happy and holy for love of Jesus, Who wishes us to honour Him by both sorrow and happiness, at least the happiness of contentment with His Holy Will in all things; thus prays for her child, Mother.

Letter 60:

God bless my poor suffering child. You are with the children, doing what you can so well in grief a loving mother's part, so I will not write to them. You will do what you can to comfort them, but what can I say to comfort you? I am afraid you must have had a sad shock, but what a joy to see that dear relic of Jesus. You were in time, thank God for that, and how many would have wished to see that dear face again. I for one, how much? But I argued there was no thought of doing any good for souls, it was not for God's glory I should go, then one relics on God to give every wish gratified.


My children, I know you do envy her, but do look your position in the face and think, - you have God's wonderful Providence, a power of doing good that not own in a thousand has. You are placed in a position that requires you to lean upon Jesus at every turn and let Him act in you, work the loving works He so loves to work. His mortal life on earth is finished, but He loves to work again in us.


The Monsignor has just been, looking so ill. I was full of der Mother Magdalen, but he really himself began about the house and asked what you thought of it. I really did not know that you thought much, but I answered, the distance was the difficulty, as of course a house could be built to suit us, but there was no hurry and we should settle it in Council. I told him your message and said how grieved you would be not to be in time. I telegraphed to M. Etheldreda to let the other houses know Mother Magdalen was dying, but no more as the sisters thought Florence would surely telegraph.


Love, blessing to all and the blessing of obedience to you from

N.B. M. Magdalen died 29 July 1898

Letter 61:

God bless my childie, who is giving such joy and comfort to my children. How I do thank God for it. Cannot tell you the joy the Roman letters gave me today. Enclose one, it is a sample of the rest. How wonderfully God works. Just now, when I so needed you to take your place with the Sisters, He has brought it about, and it will be such a help, your having influence and gaining their confidence, as you used, will save Mother.


Just received Telegram, all grateful. I was going to write and ask you if I should make an effort and come, rather than you return whilst so needed. God work in you more and more and thank your Guardian Angel for the help he has given you and he will help you more. Do not give way if you have a stumble, "Throw yourself on Jesus, He will not withdraw to let you fall. You have a share in all your mother does. It is such a happiness, all are more united. Tell them how it would delight to see them, your and their loving mother, Mary.

Letter 62:

God be with my Child and thus her Feast will be a real joyous one, bringing her near to Himself Who is all joy. I thank God He gave my child a heart capable of joy, though it also makes us feel sorrow.


Glad of your P.card and shall still be more glad of a letter though I know your time will be filled up, so do not trouble this week. All well. I am better, meant this to have been a Feast day letter, but Sr. Montfort, Gabriel, Mechtilde have come at intervals. Letters going.

God be with all, Mother.

Letter 63:

God bless my children,


We are following you so lovingly, hoping God is brightening the path in His own sweet way. In one sense it is nice to be in fresh parts of this world to praise God in His earthly creation before we leave it, for the other world, where we shall watch perhaps the creation of new worlds, their history, rise of fall; - but you will not want day-dreams but facts. And I must tell you that the Bishop of Cloyne came unexpectedly, said Mass in my Oratory as Exposition was going on, and then a long talk, the finale of which is he wants us in Queenstown as well as Fermoy, but I would not listen to that. He was nicer than before; I told him that instead of spending ,150 or 200 on improvements before we went I would rather the Sisters be on the spot and see to the alterations themselves. (I did in my mind's eye many things, one - the stables and outhouses might be turned into a Chapel) The Bishop said he did not like the Sisters to see the place in such a state, but I said they might be only wasting money. He would be glad, he said, for us to have a Convalescent Home, still more a real Hospital, and the next house he thought was only ,20 a year. As to sick priests it was a constant want. He had one now he would send us if we were there - enough. Mons. M. del Val only had a little tea, something else is to come, but we cannot have it until they go.


M. Raphael is writing other news. She is a good little thing. Pip was restless last night, but went out to meet the Bishop this morning quite friendly, - not too pleased not to be allowed to hear Mass. How we shall look for letters; so glad of Post-card. The Sisters said how brave your were going and that M. Cecilia seemed the one who was nervous of the journey. You will not mind the coming back to

Your loving mother.

Letter 64:

God bless my own,


Do not fear for Monday. It will be all well. Card Rampolla promised special blessing from the Holy Father, and we shall all pray. This morning went off alright. The Princess asked for Mons. Mori, and I tried to get out of it by suggesting the child's confessor, but he failed, so Mons. Mori had to come in the end. He spoke very beautifully to the child before giving her Holy Communion. The Church was full and the people cried.


My childie, we miss you. I could not do my duties, if it went on much longer. I have last weeks letters and this weeks letter from Sydney etc. not read. There have been one or two fine days I could have gone in the garden, but no time, and have only been to the Hall once. Of course the place being such a swamp also hindered going to the Hall. So glad you had that nice time with the Sisters of St. Joseph. Thank M. Cecilia for nice letters. I see now it is monday the 10th again, but your letter said 11th, so thought it was altered.


Poor Mother Rose! (I) enclose her letter. It seems to me I made a mistake receiving her without reproaching her. It made it harder for her to own her wrong. Enclose also Father Williams'. I wonder what the world is coming to. Hope you will get the true statement about Fr. Williams from Annunziata.


Live in God, my child, and feed on Jesus' Blood and grow in grace.


Your mother.

Letter 65:

God bless my own,


So glad of your telegram. God be praised! He made it easier for your perhaps, in any case He will accept your offering. It was, I know, a sacrifice.


Well, where shall I begin? Archbishop M. del Val was very nice and stayed so long with me could not wee Mrs Burnett with whom he had made an appointment. It was the last night with his mother. Today, the Sisters are in glee at the visit to the Holy Father and his giving a general holiday all over Rome tomorrow. They will tell you.


I want to tell you about Miss Monteith. I have already got her here. It will be a good time to give her trial and put her in M. Raphael's little room. She hardly expects herself to succeed, but would feel happier to have made the trial. I think you said you would not like her to go to the Refectory, so will let her have meals alone for the present. Poor thing, the Sisters at the Assumption did not like her leaving. Rev. Magnier would give her any room etc etc, she said she was going to make a Retreat. Father Magnier will give us three Days' Retreat. The Little Princess Rospigliosi must make her first Communion on the Immaculate Conception; Aunt coming who wants to be present.


Two of the Marists very bad; 34 (Temp.). I think one went down to. What a sweet lady Fr. Maturin's friend, Mrs Norman Moore. Her husband, Dr. Moore, was Mr Manning's benefactor at Isleworth. In future in refusing people, we might suggest their waiting at Fiesole till we had room, that is, - when they come abroad for health. M. Rose has left for England. Mr Mair must be in Rome; shall expect to see him tomorrow.


Love all round, Mother's blessing. Keep close to Jesus' Heart and believe He loves you, dearly. Mother


Mr Smith hopes to do some clerical attire, Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Letter 66:

Just a God bless you for your journey, as I knew it would give you so much pleasure to write to our good Bishop. Sister Philippa has gone to the Princess Faustino at Palazzo Barberini, and I have engaged to have a Sister for that grand Countess Wolkoff, the end of this month. She will send three days after her confinement. He husband has been to Russia for all she wants as she cannot travel back. Both Dr. Bompiani's cases, good is it not?

They sent to know what other Relics the Bishop would like as there were two Reliquaries too many, so I said the Column and the Purple Robe.

God bless my own, and Angels watch over her. Make some acts for your loving mother, Mary.

I send a Conference (new) but do not suppose you will have time for Chapter.

Letter 67:

God bless my Child, very happy Feast. What a pretty idea that you should be born a Twelfth day gift and named Edith - a gift, so ever remember you are not your own, but a gift to God. No particular news, cases coming in etc, refused one operation case to come in the house just now. Miss Batty had to help Sr. Chanel, very bad case. Such a funny thing, - the Duke's chaplain came to see the patient and then went to Mrs Smidt and said, "I don't know if that sister is trained, but I can give you the address of real trained nurses" and he handed her our card, well, how she laughed. The Duke walked in whilst Sr. Agatha was minding Sr. Philippa's case last night, came in about 10 and made the boy laugh.


Am sending you what my old friend, Countess Beau de la Barre, has just brought me "blessed from Paray le Monial". Am so glad to have it to send to you. You love Jesus' Human Heart and He did show Himself so human to His loved Spouse. Love all and wish a happy Feast from Mother.

Father Louis will give the Sisters an instruction next Friday.

Letter 68:

God bless my own. I know it is the fault of the posts that we have not even heard you arrived, but trust for news tomorrow. Such times as these, - how grateful I am you did not wait. No audience at all now, except the Pilgrims straight from England and are 100 (? tickets) short because they were stolen on the way from the Vatican. Last night the Duke of Norfolk went to arrange about the funeral of Sr. Chanel's patient - who is not dead at all! What is the matter with the world? The relations in England will get a fright. No one knows how the mistake arose. There is not to be Pontifical Vespers at St. Peter's, but Benediction.


Such a day! Bishop Ilsley just been, - bad cold and afraid to be out at night, but spoke of the lecture Father Bellasis had given at San Girolamo, about St. Philip. Mr Mair also was here, stayed a long time, Mrs Mair not well.


Whilst I am writing you are having the tree or just finished. Hope all went well and hope also you will return without cold to your loving mother,



Letter 69:

God bless you my Child,


You do not say how you are, but hope better. So glad of the news of M.M. Joseph, she may miss the fine milk and butter of Limerick. The status had gone before your letter.


Well, about Lady Herbert, I wonder what was written to you on the subject. These are the facts. I saw Lady Herbert on Tuesday last and she spoke to me of Mrs Field and said she had been to see her twice and how Dr. Nevin stopped all the time. I said I was so glad as she could do what we could not. No more was done, but Sr. Lua could not come again to Chapter and on the Saturday the news was so bad, oxygen etc, thought the end was come and sent M. Cecilia to Lady H. to tell her, who said she was doing all she could, getting prayers etc. Saturday afternoon Sister Lua, seemingly put out about something, came in and spoke of Lady H. and I spoke in a very few words - Lady H. had been twice before I spoke to her; Sr. Lua answered, No only once, which shows she knew Lady Herbert did not go from my asking. My Childie, how often we have to remind ourselves, there are two sides to everything and what sad mistakes must be made where Superiors do not trouble to enquire both sides.


The Agatha you spoke of is now in Isleworth, if you want her. I do not know if there is time for a Telegram. I think I will not wait for the German to receive her letters, certificates etc, but give her the cap and send her off Wednesday or Thursday. So sorry about your trouble with the sisters, would take it from you if I could, but why? - when it will win a loving look from our Good God and a bright crown hereafter. You said you enclosed a letter from M. Angela, but nothing came except your own letter.


Everyone is having prayers for England just now. We have Exposition tomorrow. The Sebastianello had "Reparation", but St. Gregory's is simply put "to bring a blessing on the British Empire", which is what I thought in my own mind.


Love them all from Mother. Please say how you are.

Letter 70:

God bless you, have taken this young girl in, can give her the cap when you return. Told her she was not bound to take the situation. No time, you know what Friday is. Love all for Mother.


Mrs Langdale just gone, such a nice lady, a friend of Lady Herbert's, - I think is going to Fiesole. Do take care of yourself. You will get run down, and it is then difficult to get strength up again. Would you like this German for Fiesole?

Letter 71:

God bless you my child and keep you well, soul and body. I do not know when the Postulants start. Etheldreda wrote, saying who was to pay for Miss Williamson, but I did not answer, did not know there would be time. Will send the German, Thursday morning 9 train. My childie by all means stay for the Feast of St. Joseph, and come back looking better than you went. I know you need air. I try to keep windows open, but it is difficult as it is only by means of a draught we get air here, and all cannot bear a draught.


Do you want anything sent down by the German? Telegraph for her not to start if so, and I will keep her till I can receive letter from you. M. Patrick sent me ,5. for a "Paddy's pot", would you like it to go to the Harmonium. Am having such a fuss with M. Michael, did not go to supper, can't eat anything but meat, which I will not give her twice a day.


God keep my own ever in the company of angels, prays her mother.

Cannot get my letters read. Do not know whether to get M. Cecilia or Raphael to read them.

Letter 72:

God bless my Childie,


Please God you are not troubling unduly about the various upsets. As you may imagine it is an anxious day with me, and I shall be relieved when I hear what you think of it all. I assure you, only for having to do what I have about other sisters, I would sent Mother Michael to England.

1. Enclose Mrs Morgan's letter. Would like Father Whitmee to know soon, in case she has written to him. Would you write and tell him? Keep this letter, as it proves we are to have ,20. St. Joseph always does something for us in his month. This is the 4th ,20. this week.


2. Did I tell you I spoke to Dr. Prior about Mr Chase and said it was awkward for us to make suggestions, but he said "I can", and so Durante comes today and is to operate Sunday morning.


3. Would you like Sr. M. Rose to go to St. John's when her father is better?


M. Fidelis just been, I was afraid to see her. Wanted us to take her home. She cannot keep it on, Sr. Magdalen gone out, found poor man dying, had not been to his duties since a child, they think. Hope it will be alright. Have sent M. Michael, she knows Italian better.


What medicine have they given you to make you ill? Hoped you were getting better. It is a very unhealthy time. Hope you will like the Postulant. She began well by being obedient and making a sacrifice to leave here. The other Postulants arrive Saturday 7 p.m. - Newhaven and Dieppe.


God rest in you soul and work in and with you, prays Mother.

Letter 73:

Rome, March 18th, 1901


God bless my childie and St. Joseph be a real friend tomorrow. It is strange M. Etheldreda does not realize you are not in Rome. Enclose P.card, in case you have no other list. Am glad M. de Pazzi approves of Anna, for it speaks well for her being thoughtful and tidy, which we had already noticed. Welcome the other three for me. Hope they will set to work in earnest to do every day something they do not like, and then there will be a good foundation for that beautiful building, -the Temple that is raised without noise of hammer or chisel, but quietly rises with Angels' help and is God's delight to dwell in.


There have been some sad riots in Rome, so much so that Miss Dickenson thought of taking her money out. They mobbed the Catholic members as they came out of the Campodoglio.


The Monitor people have written a pressing letter for another M.S. saying it shall be printed at once. They have just time and won't give trouble again etc. I see you are busy and so we are here. Had to take Sr. Montfort away for a case today, Sr. Philippa went out last night, Sr. Edith up with Mr Chase, Mr. Cecilia minding him today whilst Sr. Edith rests. Sr. Alphonsus in the wash-house. Mr Chase is fairly well, a little fever, but M. Cecilia sent down word she could not leave. Sr. Magdalene will be home soon, I doubt the dying man would have had the priest if not for us.


I would like to see you with our new children. Say to them what you know I would wish and love them for Mother.

Letter 74:

Forgive a letter today. Only a line to say God bless all. Tell them to unite with the Angels in Ave, Ave tomorrow.


It was pitiful to see the white-haired old man singing "Fill us full of goodness till our hearts o'erflow etc" and so on. Would come to Mass and Holy Communion, and then went upstairs to be cut up. Going on well.


Writing tomorrow. Had a nice Feast, love all for Mother. Mr Chase said the Litany and sang Ave after Ave at the top of his voice whilst under chloroform. When I saw the priests this morning, all so holy, one after another saying Mass, office etc, I said to Our Lord, "Are You not proud of them? They were worth Your Suffering for". The Superior of the Marists sent word might he say Mass?

Letter 75:

God bless my Childie,


You are quite right to rest, I am sure you need it and your meat also. You will see by enclosed letter of Sr. Pierrina, she is almost tempting me to write, but I will not. If I yielded to nature I should and tell her "it is not Florence but the workhouse you will come to", but it would be unwise. The letter would be shown and remarks made about the unkind Superior after all her years of work. I remember telling you to write and say Miss O'Daly was not to come out without her Director's Approval, so you must have thus made the mistake. Why not ask me? There is not time to talk over everything. Please keep Sister Pierrina's letter, they are all put by.


Mons. Campbell is not going to have the trial. You would have seen if the papers had reached. Enclose a cutting of another paper. Catelli paid a long visit, showed the contract of Lady Abbess Pynsent to pay ,2.600 for St. Patrick's and said she would sell it to us for the same and not charge for the improvements. He made the wise remark that it was a pity the Abbess put her own name, rather than the one, who promised to buy it, who had left. She would have had to keep the contract or something of the kind. I told Catelli to write it all to you, he said they must have some money down.


Well, had a long visit from Archb.p Stonor, who then went to see Mr Chase (Fr. Chase he called him), took particular notice of poor Pip, and asked when you would be home. Sr. Columba went out to Sr. Magdalen last night, whose patient died. Sr. Gregory sadly wants to go to that Baroness, - you know where she was so long. It seems to me to be more nurse than anything else. They want the nurse to come here for a week and Gregory there. I would not promise Gregory, but said some sister and sent to see what it is. They say the nurse is English-trained for children.


Canon Dunne and friend just arrived. God bless! Mother

Letter 76:

Only a God bless. Hope you have had a happy Feast. Saint Joseph has been pretty good to us. Canon Dunne sent word, could I see him this morning and I had just opened the little part of the purse at St. Joseph's feet, saying "I want gold today, St. Joseph", and as he, the Canon, came across he gave Mother Cecilia ,5. then Mrs Judkin's daughter sent ,20.


We are still busy. Am obliged to put Sr. Gregory on to Mr Chase. He was getting on and Sr. Edith has had 2 nights. I am not a nurse, but I believe he should have had some medicine to open the liver before the operation. I suggested medicine, but they said he did not need it and was going to have an enema in the morning, but the sickness and quantity of bile showed how much better it would have been to have got rid of it. Sr.


Magdalen just come in. The poor old Cavaliere died a beautiful death, Deo Gratias! Unless he had had a sister how different it might have been.


Love of the heart of mother.

Letter 77:

God bless and strengthen my Child's resolutions. It is God's spirit breathing on you, so do not turn a deaf ear.


I scarcely know how to begin, so much to say. M. Raphael will write about Sr. Gertrude, a more important matter is the enclosed from M. Christina. I fear another Bernard affair, and M. Cecilia also thought she might run away and Sr. Annunziata also. Of course, I have had pages from the latter, so after praying much, I got no relief until I thought of sending for them. Annunziata better wait in Rome for the money to come to send her home. If we lent it, it is doubtful we get it again. It is sad indeed. Sr. Christina might be useful as help to M. Patrick, but there is time to think of that. Mother Cecilia, I am sure, thinks she ought to be sent for a time. How few there are really for Superiors.


M. Michael was almost in hysterics this morning. I wanted Sr. Philippa, in case of a case coming in and thought M. Michael could go after doing the poor woman. However she went, but they would not have her, but I would not send Sr. Philippa back. Sr. Agatha is willing enough to do what she can. May God direct us what to do for Malta.


Mother Cecilia says there seems a want of love of Jesus about and that the place quite changed when you ordered Exposition. I think there is a want of love for the poor also and for souls. What a pity M. Agnes cold not be made use of. Sisters do respect her, but think her odd. I do not understand the Postulants not being sent; the little Abbess really has more than she or anyone else could do well.


P.S. Mr Chase is to go for a change, when he can travel and we hope it will be Fiesole, and also the boy who had haemorrhage.

Letter 78:

God bless you and all. Shall be glad of letters. It seems so long. Am sure all are glad to see you. Perhaps Marie might arrive before you leave, she puts me in mind of myself. You will see her little note enclosed. All going on the same. Sr. Magdalen out again and an Italian case in, but refused. There is no one to go but Sr. Gonzaga and she will have to go to Mrs Field to let Sr. Lua have a rest.


We are thinking Mr Chase ought to see another Dr., don't you think so? and he may have no idea of the bill running up. Dr. Eyre was here an hour to-day. Miss Cameron here such a time, just gone, said Fiesole was lovely, but she could not afford. She could not now make money by writing. Fancy old Dr. Charles turning up again. He goes to the warm South of England for the cold weather, and he was going to stay in Rome now, as long as there were patients. Poor Miss May Dickinson can get nothing to do.


I do hope you will come back, looking a little better, and also I look forward to hearing good news of poor M. Joseph. Love her and all for me; tell her the Conference arrived, thanks. What do you think is the latest with the Proselytisers? A soldo a minute given for standing outside the Church after service. I suppose to swell the numbers.


Will you thank the good Bishop for his letter and give every kind wish to the Vicar, Chaplain, Mr Smith and all. Take the love of the heart of mother yourself.

Letter 79:

God bless and give you His joy. I am sure you are rejoicing as we all are. Poor Mons. Campbell, I am so glad. Fr. Begue sent me the papers and I sent them off to you, without "by your leave or with". When I read it at recreation, "Well", I said "The Angels have answered quickly we only prayed last Night". And the Novices said, No, why we have prayed 12 days, Mother Philippa told us to".


1. I want to know have you told Srs. Columba and Walburga to fast? I did not like to tell them not, in case you had told them to. Sr. Raeffaella is alright and is fasting, but the other two looking thin and white. They have not said anything themselves and seem happy and contented. Am sending you a little gold medal, Gonzaga's patients gave it. We are to have all the things. Am tuzzling with Sr. Edith, her tongue runs on.


2. Could Sister Luisa paint a cigar case or something for Canon Bagshawe's Golden Jubilee, March 15th? Can imagine how pleased the children are to have you, wonder if you will see my Marie. Hilda has just told me that her Grannie, years ago, said "You are Marie will join my Mary".


I was so pleased to hear Mother Michael say something so nice the other night at recreation. There is no one in the Community like Mother Philip. She always tells you to your face and tells you plain and is just the same to you after. God Bless, my own. You know what a work when you are away, the letters are. Mother bless my child prays mother.

Letter 80:

... When they came home from seeing you off they told me you said M. Michael was to write to Rome. She herself also said you told her, but I said to them the last words M. Philip said to me were "What answer am I to give to Fr. Chandelary?" so you would see to it, but when they repeated to me on Saturday, on their return from the Bp.. of Fiesole that you said M. Michael was to write, I wrote the telegram myself and signed "Mother".


If the other nuns get it, we must hope all is for the best. God bless all.

St. Girolamo was offered to these nuns first, but as they refused it I do not see we are wrong to try to get it. Jesus direct!

Letter 80:

October 31st, 1899


God bless all. "Non temete". So glad of letters. I have privately dedicated San Girolamo to the "Cuore Materno". All will be well. Mother Michael asked me to get some of the children to pray under obedience this morning, while she went to Mrs Bronson, who cannot now speak. She has Sr. Joseph at night whom she is pleased with, but does not like the secular nurse.


However, she gave M. Michael ,100 for rent at Fiesole, and her daughter wants as soon as she can to go and choose the rooms for her mother.


That of course will bring a good income if the old lady lives. The 100 lire sterline is a present, a good "hansel" is it not? Dear Mrs Fisher has been to see me, is now in the house and is so delighted. I believe she thinks it is her prayers.


Cases are coming in and out. Srs. Sylvia and Veronica both out. Sr. Ursula in the laundry. I almost think it a pity. It must be very difficult at that age to commence what we have never done before.


1. Could you send me the name of the stuff M. Raphael uses for Mosquito bites?


2. How about Sr. Stanislaus going for a few hours every day to mrs Bronson. The old lady needs constant attention. I hope she will live. I believe she has had three secular nurses. I do not know how she found out that Sr. Joseph was not well, but she wrote on paper, that she had not too much to do and she liked her. Mother Michael did not think her well enough but I thought the old lady would like her so Mother Michael sent her.


God bless all so glad you have done the business under obedience. It works miracles and renews it now from her heart, mother.

Letter 82:

December 4th, 1899
San Girolamo


God bless my poor weary child, indeed "the weary ploughman plodding her Romeward way". I have left off reading the 2 more long Australian letters - that this may not lose our early post. They only came this morning and the account is wonderful of the "rogue" dodging to see the Cardinal before M.


Rose could, and the Cardinal receiving M. Xavier with great kindness, assuring her that he should advise M. Rose to obey her Mother General etc. The root of all the mischief seems to have been the sisters, from the very first day, saw the disunion between M. Raphael and M. Rose, knew that even that upset between them and the doctors, which you may remember, was that M. Raphael had promised them something which, when M. Rose heard, she would not have and then the Doctors thought it a breach of honour. You might ask M. Raphael about this. How careful one has to be to encourage the sisters to write openly. I did think in my own mind that the Sisters must know, but their letters did not speak of it.


I have just heard of your accident, my poor child, I am so sorry, but really I do know that the hills, even with English horses, they have to be watched, and in certain cases people have to walk some passes (?) Sr. Josephine's operation is to be Thursday. It appears now that here is nothing internal it is all external. Can any statements be believed nowadays? The Doctor says she is otherwise in good health and is not anxious about her. Please God, she will be better after. The Doctor says she must have suffered agonies walking. Poor child, may God strengthen her.


Must finish, praying God to give you all that you so need. Be sweet and firm and tell Jesus you want to do your work for Him and help your little mother.

Letter 83:

December 5th

God bless my Childie,


You are having the cross and am glad you have the grace to profit by it. 1. Of course, give Theresina the cap. 2. If you like to send M. Rose here at once, (if she is not in good dispositions) do so.


Sr. Ursula went to the family of the dead man, such a large one, what troubles there are in the world. God help people bear them for their own eternal salvation.


Poor M. Michael is under a cloud. I do not remember such a case of want of self-knowledge. Something will have to be done. At present you find it difficult also to get to understand a simple message. God give us good subjects, but He is alone the judge how far they are in fault, or really physically. This dreadful influenza no doubt does its part.


I cannot think we ought to pay. Will you ask the Consul? In England, if a train does not put you at the place you paid to go to, the railway have to pay all your expenses and you can take a carriage and pair or anything.

Have just given Chapter to the Professed, I spoke of bad example. It appears that the Sisters do not mind showing their temper before Marguerite and I suppose Rafaele also. Also i know they have before the postulants, one made a remark. I need not ask prayers for poor Josephine. I do not know when Sr. Christina's things will be done. Have a "big heart me childie". Be brave; all will soon be over and we gazing upon God. Love all for Mother.

Letter 84:

God's greeting to my Child,


Do hope our good Bishop will not overdo himself tomorrow. It will look nice to see him carrying dear Jesus. I hope Sr. Edith is explaining to you all I wished about he Bishop. What a pity he should have been kept in anxiety all this time. Monsignor Campbell said if the Brief was given before the new Bishop arrived, it would be quite out of the ordinary way. It is given when the Bishop leaves as a reward for services, but it would be unseemly to give it before. Don Giuseppe said as much this evening, he had seen Mons. Zecchini only last night, and it is alright. Our Bishop is to be Archbishop of Hieriopolis (?), but our Bishop is Bishop of Nottingham until the new one is appointed, which cannot be for three months. He has all his owners and when he returns is in the same position as when he left, but what an anxious three months! One would rather finish it and be done with. Sr.


Edith wants to know, if the Bishop remains longer at Fiesole, might she be with him there. She is thinking of him a good deal, I think, she seems preoccupied. Sr. Angela went to a poor case for the night, and is very good today after it. As ever, Mother.

Letter 85:

God bless my own. Hope you are quiet and resting and that the good Bishop also is enjoying the change. We are not too bright here. Sr. Angela whom I sent to Fr. Bonaventure last night returned and went straight to bed, not seen her since. I gave Chapter of Faults, only, and did not speak except to each, and fancy Sr. Annunziata is upset since. So here we are, fighting with sin and self and we would wonder, only that He is God, how Jesus hears with us.


The house new Sr. Philippa is telling you. May God send His holy Angels to help His Mother's Children. How glad I shall be of news of my dear ones in Florence and Fiesole. What will you think of our dear little Casimiro dead, - three days of Pleurisy. How strange why some are taken, others left, but he was ripe for Heaven. Have just sent two Sisters to see the body. It is quite an epidemic about, - pleurisy with "febbre infettiva".


I am getting myself, and all are well except Sr. Edith a little out of stomach. I told her just now to go and take some meat and brandy and water. Mr Chase mentioned to her, incidentally, that he could not travel alone, would she be able to go with him? I would be glad for the Bishop's sake if something turned up to take her to England. Please tell M.M.


Joseph it is no good sending the Roman news, they are a week behind.


Looking forward to hearing my childie, ever your own loving Mother.

You will do and say for all what Mother would. I assure you I miss the quiet evenings I spent with Our Lord. They come now to my room.

Letter 86:

God bless you my childie. Have just sent the telegram, is it not sad? Poor Miss Cassell, I wonder what passed between her soul and God. What times we are living in! May we all be ready when God's "Come" sounds in our souls. The Sister (4) saw the Holy Father this morning. We really sent for Miss Strickney and got more than we asked for, the first favour Monsignor Bisleti had given anyone.


Such a mistake this morning. Dr.. Lapponi wanted to bring in a woman with pneumonia (a ballia) I said they were not to ask 10 francs and M. Raphael said 10 or 15 francs was our price, so he took her somewhere else, I am very sorry. Sr. Annunziata and Sr. Angela seem alright now, but it is Sr. Aloysius. I have sent her for a night or so to different Italian cases, no one will have (her). I sent her out of the room at one recreation.


Visitors again. Saying so much that she has to say, Mother.


Am all right, getting myself. Love all and act for Mother.

Letter 87:

My loved Childie,


I thought all knew I did not wish to move until we could really have a model Mother house, and not a make-up. May God direct all and give orders to the Angels to lead us and keep us where He wishes.


Catelli will telegraph to you. The remaining here will set you free, will it not? and you ought to have a thorough change. You would be in Isleworth for the opening. I suppose M. Etheldreda wrote to you how miss Cassell wished to be baptised before she died, but it is rather sad she was not properly received. I do not know if Fr. Williams was in the house, or whether there was not time or what. We must pray the more for her as her Purgatory would be longer if it was her own delay.


Am so sorry you are so poorly. One cannot think those hot rooms are right for you. The Marchesa told me there was no reason why the Jesuits built the new rooms, so many rooms being exposed to the sun, roof etc. I get out before 3 here, but if I were going to remain would use Miss Dickinson's rooms.


Love Mother.


(Written on picture of the Maternal Heart)

God bless my child. This was to have been ready for your Feast and not done yet. Hope you will like it. Will send on when done.

Letter 88:

Rome, Sunday 1901


God bless my child,


Am sorry that I cannot give you news of poor Miss Cassell. The enclosed P.card disappointed me much. Regarding the Shadwells. Poor Mrs Shadwell told me as a great secret that within a short time they had had terrible reverses, and her husband would not tell her whilst she was so ill. She said how brave he was over it etc and she tried to hide her tear when she saw her husband. They are very near the Church.


Dr. Brock has been here enquiring for you, his wife is going to Montecatini. Was it not too bad they never sent him the message to go to Lady Denbigh. He is going to explain to Lady Herbert, for they said he did not even answer.


Sr. Angela is very bright and good, I think she needs great firmness. Mother Angela has the kind of spirit for such a novice. Indeed, I think she would make a very good Novices - Mother, only it is a still perhaps greater work, certainly harder to keep imperfect professed in order. Will you tell her how I pray for her and hope she will not relax in firmness or love less those she is firm with.


Now, my Childie, Santini's Villa is sought after, and it seems suitable and the large piece of ground only 900, that I feel very much inclined to it. We expected a letter from you today, but I daresay the Post was delayed. Excuse disconnected expressions, I find it difficult to write; the arms are a bit weakened, but otherwise I am very well. Blessing you and all your works for our children, Ever Mother.

Letter 89:

God bless my worn wearied Child. She is tired, Jesus knows it. Tell Him simply, say


"I am too weak for effort so let me rest,
In hush of sweet submission on Thine own Breast.
I take this weakness, Jesus, as Thine own gift,
And true though tremulous praises, I now uplift.
I am too weak to sing them, but Thou dost hear,
The whisper from my pillow, Thou art so near,
Til Thy dear hand Sweet Jesus, that presseth sore,
The hand that bears the nail prints for evermore.
And now beneath its shadow, hidden by Thee,
The pressure only tells me Thou lovest me.
Finding, following, keeping struggling, is He sure to bless,
Angels, Martyrs, Prophets, Virgins, ask Him?
They answer, - YES"


My Childie, may the Angels help you tomorrow. Mother will be with you and Theresa and little Raphael will be near. We had the days' Retreat today. I sent to Father Bonaventure that you and M. Cecilia being both away, would he take pity on me. I was not up to it, so he was here at 7.30 and he is not gone yet, past 6. I hope the --


The whole family of Lords and ladies just been, oh so grateful. Lady Denbigh such a sweet little thing, told me she had 10 children and she would take them to Isleworth some day. Must finish, placing you in the Sacred Heart. Mother.

Letter 90:

God bless all. We are looking forward to news. Hope you received the Pope's blessing. Glad to receive Mother Catherine's cheery letter. Wish she could return and let M. Joseph back. In the letter of hers you sent me, she says Sr. Annunziata went to Florence for a week, - she means Fiesole, as I said she must have one week's novitiate, besides her Retreat. Poor Sr. Luisa is good; she feels now the knocking about from house to house the other sister's have. I had to send her back to Florence, she tried to keep the tears back. Fr. Bonaventure makes her do penance and it is more than all the words.


Their custom seems good. The Superior does not correct, has to tell some Director or Corrector. He told me a lot of useful things. He said at one time he was very hard, but saw it brought out the bed, rather than the good, in a soul. When a brother would come and complain of some pain or ill-heath, send him away saying, `Go and weigh yourself' etc. The end of September or beginning of October will give Retreat in Rome.


Bishop of Fiesole here last night, starts today for Lourdes. How humble he is, took a little statue of mine to bring back well dipped. Spoke so of the state of things in the world "The Church", he said, "is Divine, but he human beings who compose it are very human, many of them".


Love mine for me, so glad you are so well looked to. I know you have three around you, loving and doing what would wish Mother.

Letter 91:

San Girolamo, Fiesole


God bless my darling and may the Angels in England welcome you and guard you during your stay in Our Lady's Dowry. How soon the time will pass and indeed all time. All these journeyings and sufferings must help to fill up what God expects from the time He gives us. I bless all you do for me with Our Lady's Children and give the grace of obedience, knowing you only wish to do what mother wants you to do.


Last night coming in from recreation they wheeled the chair right into the Infirmary, and such a pretty sight! As I was going in, one bright little voice said, "Here's Mother, cover up, darling". Hilda had every preparation for washing Marie and was in full trim, white apron and sleeves, and the room looked a picture of an Infirmary, and the patient's bright eyes and glory round of hair, and the two cousins brightly chirruping like birds.


God bless; love Cecilia. Keep in union with Mother.

Letter 92:

San Girolamo, Fiesole


God bless my own,


So relieved to feel you are now, I hope resting, unless there are workmen about, it is now Saturday, so it must be quiet. You may see Dr. Brock next Sunday, I mean tomorrow week. We were surprised when we got a telephone to say he would be here 7 this morning. I thought perhaps you had written. Said the same of Marie, he will tell you. Poor Rita! I know you will comfort her. If they come out, apartments can be had from 70 to 100 lire a month.


Should love to see you now, with the poor little Abbess and all. You will love them for mother and say what she would wish. They seem good children here, but almost giving up from being so discouraged. M. Joseph has made a sad mistake. Pray that the loving spirit of Mary may not be changed. You were all brought up on love and you knew my severity was love.


May the Angels help my child. Forgive this letter. It is so difficult to get to write, and now all these blots. Dr. Brock seemed glad to think the could stay the night at Isleworth. Ever childie's loving Mother. Excuse pen bad.

Letter 93:

God bless! So sorry you are so grieved. Darling, do thank God for all He has given you grace to do for His Glory and the good of His Mother's Little Company. I beg you not to fret, you will undermine yourself and not be able to do what you are so anxious to do, for love of Jesus and His sweet Mother.

Always with you mother.


My darling, whatever I can do you know I will I have asked Our Lord so lately to show Himself to you and how your big heart would love Him. May God help us both and His Holy Angels be with us that the few days of time left to us may be all for God, hoping, sacrificing self, doing now what we can never do in the next world - trust God.

You are happier than many, my child, you know you have a faithful friend in Mother.

Letter 94:

San Girolamo, Fiesole


God bless my own. All going on the same here. Sr. Martha getting over an attack of nothing less than poisoning. How glad I am Marie had not the same Doctor. It appears Dr. Brock spoke of this new medicine, but would not order it, saying it was dangerous without medical supervision.


Who is this Mons. Ward you speak of? the future Bishop of Nottingham? I never heard of him. How can we get votes now? I should like Agnes and Anna to be clother when Sister Martha makes her vows. I think it was a pity to make arrangements, as you say, in the probability of my going to Isleworth. Fr. O'Sullivan was right, please thank him from me for all his kindness.


I shall be glad to hear the Convent, Chapel and all are blessed and dedicated to Our Lady as Her own. The Convent, I suppose, would be the "Maternal Heart" and the Church "The Precious Blood". What ceremonies and who is going to be clothed, vowed etc? How quickly the days fly.


Mons. Kelly is to be consecrated 15th August and will be coadjutor in Sydney. One of the sisters was saying Mother Rose was very severe, but whatever happened she never showed the least that she was tired of us. Must finish M. de Pazzi waiting, Mother.

Letter 95:

My own loved Child,


So glad of letters, I thought the workmen etc would hinder the rest you need. Telegraphed yes. Am glad you should make Our dear Lord's Home nice. I used to tell you it seemed to be your mission on earth, and He had a home prepared for you in Heaven. I wish I had more money and would have a mortuary Chapel too.


Am glad you find a nice spirit with the children. Here I think also, it is more inattention and misunderstanding is at the root of the evil. All I see of M. de Pazzi is very edifying. Everything is done so quietly and apparently nothing forgotten.


What can it mean about Fr. Whitmee's House of Providence. Would you think of it at all? keeping the Priest's apartment in Castelfidardo as a place of reference, with a large plate and telephone. I think if we had more room we should have more sick, and neither you or I want the others, except as Convalescent, yes. By the bye, we are not as zealous as we used to be. A lady here, a daily Communicant, has been a fortnight without Communion, so specially disappointed the First Friday. I only knew by enquiring if she had been to Mass today, knowing she had a bad heart attack yesterday - Oh no. Well, I said, Does she not want Communion? Sister Sylvia was looking to her and was sorry she had not told her.


Marie is the same. The poor old Vicar came begging she might have the habit. He said he thought it so remarkable that as she did not know she was so ill, why she should beg it so of him. Poor Martha is so sick, Dr. Brock spoke of this new remedy and said it was strong poison, and should only be used under medical supervision.


God keep you, my own, well soul and body prays Mother. (You should have a quieter room if yours is too noisy).

Letter 96:

The Sisters are all very nice with M. de Pazzi. I told her that though the Sisters were from other houses they must all go to her, and she must tell them if they are not punctual and so on. She said they all were, except Sr. Gertrude was a bit unpunctual, but she had told her of it. Sr. Gertrude said to me how just M. de Pazzi was. I said I think she is an admirable Superior. I have only seen one little thing that a sister was not respectful to her but she begged pardon, and said she knew it was wrong directly the word was out of her mouth. It was they thought and were saying in fun M. de Pazzi not take any rest because she was afraid to give them the keys, and one sister said, we have all made vows of poverty besides you, M. de Pazzi, which, though said laughingly, was rude, but it was one of the Fiesole Community.


Sr. Luisa brought up a beautiful design for the vestments, made an excuse to get up, but went back the same hour to commence, very good. M. Etheldreda wants to know if the knew Chapel should be "Maternal Heart" or "Precious Blood", what say you? You have indeed a deal to do and think of, but keep the thought before you "The zeal of thy house hath eaten me up". and "I have loved O Lord, the beauty of Thy House and the place where Thy Glory dwelleth".


Ever childie's mother.

Letter 97:

San Girolamo, Fiesole


God help you and the Angels whisper their counsels and advice. You have ever the same worries regarding the money, do as you think best, bet if you like to lend some of the ,700 from Australia do so, it is wasting here. It used to bring in to them ,35 per annum.


Things go on very smoothly here. M. de Pazzi is wonderful, M. Joseph tries, but seems sickly and depressed. I wish she could have a change for a few weeks. Marie is certainly better, and eating well, Sr. Martha also. I find M. de Pazzi or M. Joseph do not take their est in the afternoon, but M. de Pazzi looks better.


Have written for Fr. Chandelery for Retreat. I think the professed here very edifying. Sr. Augustine much improved and they all show M. de Pazzi respect and speak so nicely of her. Am glad you find a good spirit in the Sisters and the poor little Abbess still earnest for both spiritual and temporal good. I wish you could have the rest I am having and it is doing me good. I can bear the light now and was up till one today, at that breezy window in my room. It is a great improvement.
Love all and bless for Mother.


Could you have a case made for your True Cross as large as mine for the children to kiss, as with myself. Angels take care of the child so near and dear to the heart of Mother.

Letter 98:

San Girolamo, Fiesole


As usual at the sound of Retreat cases come in. Have had to send even Sr. Philippa, who was up last night with poor Martha (whom they afraid to leave), to a case in Florence. Do not like to refuse. I think it a good thing M. de Pazzi has some sisters to help her.


I am sorry you do not like to have the Sisters from Rome here. I thought San Girolamo was for that, and was so happy to think sick sisters, or those needing rest could do soul and body good here. Sr. Luisa is useful in Ferruccio and Sr. Philippa was certainly useful here, and they were only a trouble to M. Raphael. I should not have left Rome so contentedly, but for the thought of bringing some of the sisters down.


I cannot see they want all those Sisters there, with one patient in and none out. What are they all doing? I am afraid squabbling; I am so grieved about Rome. Is it not sad, sisters should show themselves such women instead of nuns. They are busy in Via Ferruccio, M. Joseph seems happy and well there, but she will return today for Retreat.


Such a nice Princess brought her Governess, who is to come here when better. I suppose you have heard particulars about Sr. Martha and Marie. Father Carey will come again to see if he should anoint them.


Am so sorry, my childie, to worry you, especially I cannot understand about the Sisters. I left all my money in Rome, what you gave me etc, to bring the sisters up, and was promised some more. Must finish or lose post. Mother Mary hold you ever in her arms with love, prays mother. Blessings to all.

Letter 99:

My darling child,


Thanks for all letters. Poor Canon! Poor Bishop! Jesus console sufferers, let it be our prayer. Such a nice ceremony; they are writing to you.


Do not one moment think that I blame M. de Pazzi for Marie's illness. It was the unhappy division between the 2 Superiors, but if M. Joseph had had a mother's heart she would have insisted, and if not noticed, have written to you on such a serious matter as a child's life being risked. Sister Syliva said to me she asked M. Joseph, "Does Mother know?" (about Marie's work, want of food etc. I think she went a fortnight without any meal between dinner and supper) Mother Joseph said "I have told Mother"; all she told me you know, - that she wished Marie could sit down more sometimes, she was always on her feet. M. Joseph is too much wrapt in her own troubles to think enough for others. M. de Pazzi is always thinking of others never of herself. We all make mistakes at times, but she ever acts from a sense of duty.


Please thank the 2 "Pussies" and tell them I do not begrudge one of my children to God, but is seemed a blot on the Little Company, but I am so grateful it is no one else's child, and I know God permitted all in love and for good. Poor Martha seems much worse to me, though bright and active. Indeed I am happy about both these souls, and it is so edifying to see the love and care with which they are surrounded. Sr. Rosarii had a bad knee and M. Joseph put it in splints, but thinks it needs a surgeon, so am sending her to Via Ferruccio. Must finish for Chapter; am writing in resting time, it is so difficult after. So many sisters coming and going takes time to see. A great many going down to let the Ferruccio sisters up for Fr. Bonaventure's Retreat, also sisters nursing.


My Childie, do not be down. You have done and are doing much for God. Ask the Sacred Heart to supply your dispositions and use the Sacred Humanity, the beautiful Words, Acts of Jesus to make up and help you in your tremendous responsibilities. God keep you from all evil.
Live in His Providence and Love, prays Mother.

Letter 100:


God live in my Child,


I go heart and soul with you in the new "Home for Jesus" in Southwark and wish you could put it "en train" before leaving. If Miss Cassell's money had been paid you could have it and have furnished a small house, all simple and alike, like you did at St. John's and begin a 2nd Hyson Green. Anyhow there are ,15 for a "hansel" coming to you. Perhaps you do not know how cheap the rent is in that part of London and as we have the run of the Diocese to beg in that will keep the few sisters to commence. Better have only three, as at the beginning, than a number, - un-Marylike, rude and rough.


Begin in love, make more allowances, make a little fun even, as we used, at accidents, do you remember? How I would love to be beginning it. Do as you like about sending Mother Catherine back. I do not think it necessary; I believe her kind heart is fidgeting over Sr. Euphrasia, whom she looks to herself, I am told. It seems so strange now the operation is over that she is not returning to her own mother and sisters, I should not like it, however kind.


Directly I had your letter about another Infirmary, arranged as M. de Pazzi said you always meant, the rooms for Sr. Martha and Marie and sister nursing right off from the Novitiate. I had no idea these were such suitable rooms. I thought there was only the novitiate corridor. These two are shut off. Love all for Mother.

Letter 101:

My poor Child,


It was my anxiety for you that made me strive that you should have a longer rest and quiet time. We have more often than not stayed till November and even December. I felt what I would say to yourself would be taken wrong and you see I thought right. I do not know what you mean by "communicating with Rome", but shall, I suppose, hear when I arrive, which I shall before you receive this. I only waited for you, or should have gone long since, so anxious have I been at the account sent me of the upset state of things in the convent, Rome and fearing the deacidification might take place, that you know we found years ago.


My Childie, how I have prayed for you these past months, and done more than pray, - God alone knows. If there is anything more I can do, may God show me and give me grace. I cannot think how it is you doubt your mother. I have given you no orders. In the state of distrust you have allowed yourself to get into, I have to think not what is best, but what will least displease you in what I shall say or do. In this I may have erred, but Our dear Lord's Heart is compassionate, He Himself would pity your sufferings more than I do. I do feel so for you and yet you have tied my hands (so it seems) that I cannot help or comfort you as I wish so to do.

You speak of the stabs of heart that you have. Do you ever think of your mother's heart, and how you stab it. You know there is no one this world I love more than yourself. You know how I have striven to help you. Many mistakes (perhaps more than I know) I may have made, but the will for your good, the true love has never changed. When I thought your love for me did you good, I encouraged it; when told I was a barrier between your soul and God I drew back, but all was done for your good. I will pray till death and after, and when you trust your mother again and want it, ask it and you will have the same care and advice as ever, but now advice seems out of the question, at least the attitude of subject and faith in the one who should represent God to you.


How is it your own soul? Only a few lines in your own writing, enclosed, should show you, but remember, my child, I give you credit that you did not realize what you wrote or the effect it must naturally have on young minds, that you did not agree with your and their Superior's mode of action. I know if anyone else had written it, you would have spoken strongly to them, about writing of their Superior's doings in that manner. Do not think I have one unkind thought regarding you. It is all love and pity and desire for your good. If this letter is not clear, excuse it, I am trying to catch the morning's post.


I bless you as ever and hold you, my poor wilful child, to the kind good God. As ever and more than ever,
Your loving mother Mary.

Letter 102:

God bless you, sent today a telegram to Ferruccio for you, thought it safer and also it would save you the fright telegrams give you. Sr. Walburga still continues all right, thank God. Extreme Unction did its work. She is very good. Sr. Philippa is with her now. Sr. Lua and Montfort busy packing at Field's. Am picking out some music to send you, out of piles. Everything else is being put in your room. The large things cannot be touched until some Executor comes from America.


Regarding Fr. Carey - Father David has given permission for him to go to Fiesole and be looked to a bit, to set him up, for his winter's work. We hear he is weak; a week or two of good dieting might set him up.


So many interruptions. 1st Father Louis who had been take off to prison, by mistake, for a counterfeit Cistercian monk getting alms, he had to tell his tale; then Mr Richards, who looked sad, but said nothing, except when I said about Fr. Ryan wanting to go to the Beda, he said he won't find it like the "Little Company of Mary". Received your telegram, did ours cross? I felt this morning you were uneasy. There must be, you see, a strange sympathy between us.


Walburga still normal. Am so sorry you have to wait so, is it resting you or worrying you? Must finish. Keep close in spirit and expect a great welcome, when you return, from Mother. Monsignor Price (Mr Richard's tells me) said himself that practically he is Bishop of Notts. but he will not hear from the Holy Father till the 15th. Love all and each for me.

Letter 103:

God bless my own,


We followed you, praying and hope you arrived not too tired. Mons.gnor Campbell seems a different man. May it last! Poor little Walburga just the same, is it not strange? The harmonium man is here with the Harmonium in the Novitiate. He says it will take three days and must be on a wooden predella. I thought it was when we left. Some say it was and others no, only on the glass castors. It is warped with the damp. How tired you must be, God will surely visit you Himself with special graces, when He comes for you, you have been so good to others. You will take the place of Mother.

Letter 104:

God bless my own,


All are waiting to know how you are and you do not say. Poor little Walburga, rigors this morning, we think it better to have her anointed. 1. What about her vows? 2. Sr. Bridget will do for Malta, but before sending Sr. Editha, do be sure. Monica will be well enough for Dr. Baldi's case? I hear she is being patched up for it.


It is very unhealthy weather, neuralgia etc and poor Sr. Luisa seems so weak. I have told them to get cod-liver oil. Sr. Theola in bed, inflamed eye, very suffering. M. Cecilia seems happy and Novices also. Don't worry about the Byle business. I felt sorry for you, I know how you dislike things in the paper, also Mr Richard's. We excuse him, because of his great trouble, but I remember sending a sister to him, and he was not pleased that M. Angela had told me what was the matter with him (Haemorrhage of the bowels) He does not want it known about his brother, but of course, he will have to tell at the Beda, and I do not see how a priest can help his family. - Hours since I began this. Consultation since, Mother Cecilia will have written, waiting for Post. Poor Patricia, - her father dead, no particulars yet.


God comfort and fill my child's soul with His Love, prays her loving mother Mary. Love and bless Florida and Hilda for me, and all. I wish if you think well you would write and ask Fr. Bonaventure to give some of his practical sermons to the Sisters.

Letter 105:

God bless you my own,


My soul is sorrowful. Would you believe that the Sisters, when they went to Ranucci's Villa, swung and I do not know what, "like giovanetti", and the strange part is that not a sister mentioned it, at least, one sister said that she wrote it in a general letter, if so, I am sorry for the general letter being read to the Novices at Fiesole, but fancy - a swing and other things, after the Benedictines being so commented on, and it seems a strange thing not to tell me when writing.


Dear Jesus, help us all not to disgrace Our Lady's Veil. I will never leave Rome again without Mother Cecilia or Catherine being left. How the evil one does seem to try to blacken our name in Rome.


M. Joseph writes me she would like to come to Rome for a little while and you would like it, she thinks. Of course, you know I like to see all my children (though you say what you do) you know you are missed, and Mother is anxious to see you and everyone else also. No one can fill your gap, but I am glad I came to Rome and let the Retreat be spoiled. I wish I had come sooner. When are you coming? We are all longing, I am tired of answering their questions. I did not intend writing, thinking to see you; general disappointment that you are not coming with Miss D. 1. What do you think of Emma? 2. I hope we shall soon have some intelligent whites. It is getting dark.


Commending you again to Our Blessed Lady's love, of which is a faint reflection - Mother's.

Letter 106:

God bless my child and all. Should have been glad to see the welcome. 200 cypresses and 200 pines have come. Fr. Selley came, looking well and happy, going to Fiesole for two or three days. Jesus keep you, my own child, make acts of love. Love all round for Mother.

Letter 107:

Have just said goodbye (and the Supper bell is ringing) to the last visitor, Dr. and Mrs Baldwin, which must explain this letter for I wanted to write a longer one. His Grace came to thank us regarding Mons. Campbell and said, how shocked he had been to see him in such a state etc, and that his old students had clubbed together ,40 and his Archbishop ,10, which had set him up a bit.


Dr. Baldwin had been helping or keeping a clinic on the Apennines and said how came to look on when they found he was not perverting the poor. He said one Doctor of --, English, said "And do you do nothing for their souls?" "Now, he said, C-- look here, those people(s) souls are in a much better state than yours or mine." Sr. de Montfort went to Dr. Brock's today with a card for the baby's birthday.


Shall be glad to know you are rested and better, how is Martha? Was so sorry, my childie, you had to go away like that and felt for you more than you know. God will reward for it was real charity. Pray the Angels help and bless you, try and keep in their company and invoke them often.

God bless. Mother.

Letter 108:

God guard and keep my own, until she returns to her mother. Feel uneasy about you, do rest all you can. I know you will be well taken care of, if you will let them look to you.


Poor Mons. Campbell! How good God is to let us be able to give comfort to others thus. I think Srs. Editha, Anthony and Agatha may start soon for Malta, Srs Gabriel and Andrew both wrote for vows. If you want either Cecilia or Raphael for Council, send. The enclosed letter is an answer to ours. Fr. Bonaventure told us, I think, there are 100 ladies and the religious starving, it does sound dreadful, but the poor religious cannot live on Saint's bodies. All authentications etc. necessary given.


Give love and blessing to all. Tell Sr. Florida I hold her continually to Our Lady and to be courageous. The Angels surround her, keep in their presence. Everything very quiet here. Dr.. Bull says Sr. Walburga must not be moved, remain in the room she is in. How is M. Joseph? Will you thank her for the money she returned. M. Cecilia says Sr. Philippina is very helpful to her, and Sr. Philippina says she is learning a great deal from M. Cecilia, and she never saw silence in the Novitiate before. May it last, and in other parts of the house also. I wish we had a religious Community room. M. Raphael is opposite to me writing and Pip, of course, in her lap, feeling contented with himself, having come in whilst Fr. Louis was hearing my confession.


Again placing my poor worn child in Jesus' Heart, Mother. All best wishes to Mons. Cambell.

Letter 109:

Feast of St. Raphael


Joy be with you always. We will all rejoice together with the Angels and their Queen. I have been telling Our Lady, "You have helped Yourself", Cecilia was near and I said, "She won't stop there" Cecilia said, "She can stop in Fiesole. We do not want her here". That was Cecilia would you believe? I was lighting candles in the Novitiate and our Lady smiling away so happily, "She can help Herself where and when She likes."


The Sisters are anxiously on the lookout for a Telegram, but i am not except to write to her mother. I feel Florida is with dear Jesus, close to His Sacred Heart, sending flowers of grace, gifts from God, for grateful as she was on earth, she will be still more grateful in Heaven. I am grateful to you and all. She will be a guardian Angel to you. Please thank all the Sisters and tell them grateful as I am for all the loving care to her in her illness, I am still more grateful for the impress made on her soul by their good example. She wrote from Isleworth, the same, everywhere the Sisters were Angels, such a lovely life. And in this thought she never changed, God be praised. I am saying Magnificats and trusting the God of Consolation will comfort the mother. Received telegram and letters.


Sr. Walburga surely mending, gets out of bed and sits up. Poor Patricia not heard anything of her father's death. I telegraphed to Dublin today for news. It is hard not to know. The nun's case suspicious, Miss Dickinson been about it for me.


Now Angels shelter my child under their wings and guard her from all ill, prays Mother.

Letter 110:

God bless my child,


Hope you are able to keep warm. Do not know how M. Joseph knew when she was going. She hoped the ticket would be extended a week, but, as in so many things now-a-days there were such contradictory statements I said I would not risk waiting. What they said here they might not say in Paris. I never oppose or influence in Council, but when we pray to do what is right and decide what we think, we must act according to our consciences, must we not? Always try and look at the two sides, dearie.


Just written to Fr. Bilsborrow, Bristol, refusing a foundation, but saying if the various Priests, who are so anxious to have the Little Company, would send postulants, we might accede to two more requests to found. Do you recollect if Sr. Ambrose has her votes, I thought both she and Sr. Jerome had them. Angels guard and help ever my child, prays mother.


God bless my child, "As gold is tried in the fire so the soul must be tried by suffering".

Letter 111:


God bless my childie,


Have sent enclosed to all. Poor Monsignor, surely the great Archangel will help. We shall want a special time to say all, and I should not like to miss any of the prayers. We have had a magnificent sermon and the visitors, yesterday and today, have been too numerous to tell, except as an excuse for this letter, having been begun and now finished in a hurry. Poor Lady Herbert, always with a cross, Lady Mary so ill, could not come on left her at the Riviera.


I should like M. Joseph to see a surgeon. Mrs Franks was here, so anxious and wished to tell her that she has never had a days illness, since she had a malignant growth removed. I do not think M. Joseph has Cancer. Ask her is the pain like a live thing, darting, moving, biting, inside, or like two live things having a fight together?


Mr Chase is not so well. Dr. says he has done too much, been walking about by himself. I think he said to Sr. Edith, he thought we would have him for the rest of his life. You will say to my children all that you know Mother would.

Letter 112:

My dearest Child,


God bless you with the happiest of feasts and may Mother Mary press you close, like the little Baby Jesus to her Breast. The above picture of her is what you so long wanted to see, and if I have in vain tried to ornament it for you, Our Lady seemed to laugh at my attempts like everybody else, so I thought I had better write for her to you, instead of framing her with blue surrounded with Angels etc as I wished. Well, she wishes me to tell you from her that she is just the same Mother now, as when she used to feed little Jesus from her Breast, and she is just as pleased to love and caress all Jesus' little ones who come to her lovingly and confidingly, that the Great God Who is so motherlike in His Love, has placed her towards His children, "as His very breasts from which we may suck unutterable sweetness". Beautiful thought of God! to make Mary our Mother, how we love Him for it! Beautiful conception, Mary is made for God, He loves to look on her, but she is made also for us. She is a sweet human mother, with a tender loving Mother's Heart and she loves ever always, not only children like St. Philip, who tender to her also always, calling her "Mamma mia, cara Mamma mia", but she loves also ever, always erring wayward children, who though they love her, do not always trust and believe how much she loves them.


Now, my child Philip must thank God every day of her life, that God was with her years ago, in a special manner to make her know that Mary, Mother of Jesus, must be pure, spotless and honoured amongst men, for it is a secret God's Spirit alone can make known to the soul, and the prayer of your little mother today, is that the knowledge of Mary God placed in you may grow and increase, until that day comes when, like St. Philip, Our Lady may come to you, laid on your bed, to show herself more beautiful and lovable than ever, and prepare you to meet, without fear that glorious Kind of Kings, Who though, that we might not fear Him, came to us as an Infant at His Mother's Breast, still at times when we think How great He is, how unworthy we are, causes fear within us, a wholesome natural fear, - but Mary our Mother, though she may leave this fear within us for our good for awhile, will come herself, take us in her arms, and thus present us to Jesus for ever evermore, to live with the good and true, to see again those we loved and lost and never see or know of wickedness or sin.


Now look again at our smiling Mother, remind her of joy as she fed Jesus, and tell her what you really feel, "Oh I would rather Mother, dear, thou shouldst be what thou art, than sit where thou dost, oh, so near unto the Sacred Heart". And she will answer you "Wait, my child and your time will come". So be it, so be it, prays your mother on earth, Mary.

Letter 113:

Please forward enclosed. God bless you both. I am sure you are anxious, but God loves our anxiety. It is to do His Will. Tell all to have very pure souls and hearts to offer Our Lady this month.

Your loving Mother Mary.


The house will be supported by iron columns. The foundations must be dug into. The accident was a Providence, it made known greater danger.

Letter 114:

God bless my child, whom I am afraid had been uneasy unnecessarily, for I told you my arm had been worse and was better. Am sending this letter this morning, in case of an earlier post to relieve you. I felt extra pain and difficulty of moving and Sr. Joseph asked me. I put my hand on the collar bone and there was a bone in the hollow hurting as well. She quietly put her hand and began talking; I did not know what she was doing or would have had someone in for a lesson. She had pushed the bone in and the other hand on the shoulder. It was so strange to have the violent pain gone and only an ache left. She remained some time like that and then bound it. Of course, if I had known anatomy I should have known. I should like the sisters to learn such things. She was humble over it and said Sr.

Peter would have known if she had seen.


I have scarcely finished reading you letter, am in a hurry for you to have this, but I see my child is peaceful and pleased and am happy, except that you will be bothered by this foolish letter. You will love all and say that Mother would. For you own soul say 5 times daily "Thy Will, Sweet Jesus, make my will Thine". Your loving mother ever, Mary.

Letter 115:

God bless you my own childie,


Am so sorry you have trouble with S.M. C. I know what that pain is. She must be deluded if she does not know how wrong she was in the summer. To me it is more painful than a person who sins much and is (full of) sorrow, they extend God's Mercy. It is well M. Raphael is just and has no favourites. I am very pleased with the novices' letters, they seem bright and happy.


M. Joseph told me she thought Sr. de Sales (I know not which one) would go. Poor Miss Hanks cannot get anything to do, would she be any use to teach the novices, they might mind a stranger more than another ( I mean in Fiesole). Will you thank M. de Pazzi for her letter, I should be glad to hear from her what she thinks of you and what is thought of that lump in your side. God help you through the daily battles, prays mother.

Letter 116:

God bless, so glad you are better. 1. Of course you can use ,100 as you think well. 2. Sr. Patricia would be better in Florence.


It was dishonourable of M. Joseph to tell M. de Pazzi what I said, but there was complaint in that upset time, that they had no on to go to, that M. Joseph would go and set M. de Pazzi against them and they would see or perhaps hear two talking about them, and then had no one to go to and got quite depressed. Of course M. de Pazzi should be told about the Novices in a systematic way.


Now Late, just received your telegram, glad, feel sure it is well for M. Joseph to be with me for awhile, but I suppose now it is something extra, wanting dispensations. Poor Jesus! what are we all and yet how He loves us. But there are beautiful souls about. Fr. Goldingbird has just left and he tells me what a grand soul Lord Halifax is. We must pray. Fr. Goldingbird was a Cowley monk, what a grand man, God bless him.


Sr. Vincent's Father is dying, Etheldreda telegraphed, might she go? We sent Sr. Lua and Maggia to the Vatican, they could not find anyone, but since two telephones have come with the Holy Father's Blessing. Some official did it, said he knew the habit, was it not kind? Must finish, have been so hindered. God love you and you love Him more and more. Mother.

Letter 117:

The God of Consolation send His Holy Angels to comfort and sustain my child. Now, do not worry about M. Joseph. The thought was no new one and she is alright.


I cannot ignore the Cardinal's request, almost the same words as Cardinal Macchi, so am writing to tell him we have much pleasure in giving him this pleasure and will send 2 pioneers, as in the Commercial Road foundation and probably the same two. Both spiritually and temporally it will be in working order soon. It is a good opportunity, the Coronation year, London crowded, houses are already taken and it will probably be ,5. a bed. I had get Miss Dickinson to prepare a statement (for M. Catherine) of Lady Encombe's letters, but send it to you now, as if M. Catherine goes, she will hear all verbally. Regarding the Protestant convent I only hope we shall now lose it. Father Goldingbird says he was at the opening of the Church and it is a perfect gem, stainglass windows, marble Altar and Tabernacle, I believe one piece and most commodious building. You remember Etheldreda forgot to enclose letter once. It was before you left. I wrote and told her, it only came today, which makes a long delay. Of course, poor little soul, has too much to think of.


Mother Catherine must look to these two new foundations until the season is over. Youghal must stand over, the Bishop has not written and there is time, besides he must retract in writing what he said in writing what is contrary to the Rule. Have so much to say, but it is difficult. Everyone seems busy. We have some Italian cases must be looked to because of the souls.


Thank M. de Pazzi for her letter. M. Joseph seems very well in health and I never knew her nicer. Her fall has done her good. Humiliation is good for poor human nature, but hard to bear at the time. For you, my childie, no one but God could support you through so many trials. It is wonderful how you do fight this battle of life. I often marvel knowing that you have not the consolations that I have. Love all and bless for Mother.

Letter 118:

God bless my own,


Your telegram did good for though it was a little ambiguous, I felt you wished Joseph to be longer with me (as I felt myself it would be well). She was packing up to go tonight, as Cooks said she must, but we sent to the station, who declared tomorrow would do and even a day more. It is an act of poverty, as we do not know we shall pay anything. Sr Lua told the it was for so great a charity, and the lady she did not think she could sell the ticket, and as it was a charity we could give anything or have it, if she had no offer for it.


I am sure you have been praying for Mother Joseph. She is so changed, she is like a girl, I do not think she will ever change that way of arranging and planning and "I", and I think also if very much contradicted she cannot physically bear it. All we can do then, is what the Jesuits do, after the novitiate, suit the work to the person. One thing I do admire in her, she is honourable. She was very warm, when I said something about Limerick, - that Florence was worse, things said there and so on. I felt she meant about myself and did not like to say and I would not encourage anyone, for I am pierced to the quick in the few intervals I have to think, pondering over the want of honour, in good people and yet we can sin mortally by a breach of natural honour.


There is one thing I want to say. I asked once if my Assistant's letters should not be as sacred as my own. You know when I wrote putting all under obedience regarding intercepting correspondence, I only mentioned myself, so that a Local Superior would not feel bound not to open yours. Fr. Louis said yours should be just as sacred, but that the way they did was - that when a letter was sent to Monastery with the community stamp, no Local Superior can open. He said it is a reserved case with them, if a Superior opens such a letter, then those writing for me, putting this stamp (where the envelope is opened) no one but the one to whom the letter is addressed can open. I thought it such a wise thing to adopt, especially for you. What do you think? If so, write a Circular
and speak of honour and uprightness etc. and say no one may use either stamp of seal, but those who have permission.


I am better, but cannot do much. As ever Mother.


Find letter will bear this bit more paper. M. Joseph went off very bright, quite saw she ought to do this act of poverty to begin with. I was sorry for her to go so soon, on the other hand, I see God's Providence in it. Distraction and work will make her forget her supposed wrongs, but her speech might be dangerous, and people take so to her (priests etc). Fr. Bonaventure, when he was told she was going, said to M. Raphael "Quite right to get her away from here, she might at present do harm here to the Little Company of Mary", I suppose he meant that without intending it. Priests would side with her, for she appears so capable. Some Priest was surprised at her knowledge of religious life, but all our sisters are taught, but all cold not explain as she can. Of course she has only gone as she went about Commercial Rd.

Letter 119:

May God's Spirit live and reign in us! Enclosed a Post-card from M. Etheldreda. How sorry I am about the Church. I would give Our Lord that sum for a beautiful Church, - a gem as Fr. Goldenberg said. I meant it to be a reparation to Our Lord, Who had been there so long as a Prisoner. I daresay someone would give the money, but in the meantime if you think it well to risk the ,40. for the Chapel extras, do and wire to "Fr. Amigo, Catholic Presbytery, Rodney Road, Walworth." He was just getting disheartened, he said. The begging letter of the Bp.. is alright, more form, asking every year.


Regarding Mother Joseph, I have simply sent her reconnoitre at which kind of work it might be as well to keep her, for it may be true what you know was said, - that she is all agog awhile over places or people and then tires. Her present hobbies are India (Mons. Tylee was here wanting us) and Queenstown. I myself think, if she does not remain in London, she might be useful in Adelaide but "Sufficient for the day."


We are very busy, I hear that Sr. Philippa says nothing for her to do and she is coming home, I shall send her back, dying man. I had to send Sr. Lua to get the Priest, the son would not, but now the priest is there. What little zeal there is now. Fr. Bonaventure has sent a cross of relics for you to wear. Ever her child's Mother.

Letter 120:

God bless you,


Am almost afraid to send a line, but as the book has been sent to Antignano, thought better write and ask, will you have all done at the same place, lire 2.50 c. We all think it beautifully done. Love M. Pazzi for me and tell her I do indeed rejoice with her. Is not Our Lady good? Three "parenti" of her own converted in one year.


Fr. Agius here, noticed fresh voice; thought it affected. It does get a little theatrical be glad to hear my own child's again, but do not want you to hurry Home. If Turin were not so far, would have been glad for you to have met Sr. Joseph, but I do not ask this. I know what travelling costs you, I mean, physically, not the money, which being Our Lady's we must use for her work. Perhaps Mother Cecilia could meet Sr. Joseph and then go on to England.


You must be happy in England, or at least make out you are. M. Agnes is quite proud of your always being so happy in Florence, poor thing. I am glad she had such a nice time here, something touched her heart. Ask blessing of Fr. Carey for your loving mother, Mary. Fr. Whitmee thanks you for pigeons.

Letter 121:

God bless you and all,


I suppose they will be writing today. We shall be glad to hear how Sr. M. Chanel and Edith like the sea, so sorry you have such bad weather. It has turned quite cold here, rain every day. Patient in the house well and happy, a Catholic, Protestant husband, nice man. It appears now Bonaventure's patient was to have gone with Mons. M del Val. He is due somewhere, I think, - England. If the fever is better he will come tomorrow, so delighted the Doctor will bring him. They say he will not get better without change of air.


Fr. Whitmee home today, but did not know so had asked Fr. Armellini. Sr. Bonaventure just come, thinks patient too weak, but the Dr. most anxious he should come. Think you will have heard any other news from sisters, so only a God bless you and prayer to the Holy Angels to take care of the spoilt child of her loving mother Mary.


I don't think M. Agnes has taste for the Altar, Sr. Gertrude says the Altar looks desolate.

Letter 122:

God bless my Childie,


Did I ever betray your confidence. You told me to take advice from Fr. Louis, who said to call on Col. Bernardo. Knowing Cecilia so well I purposely did not mention what you wrote of Col. Bernardo, but simply said that Mons. Campbell was worse, anointed and you thought his friends should know to pray for him so "go to Mons. Frazer and Col. Bernardo". The former said he would get certain Masses that were due, and Col. Bernardo was not in, for which I was rather glad and told Cecilia it did not matter, she need not go again. I only sent as Fr. Louis said so, and you told me ask him what to do.


Sr. Gonzaga not very well, in bed; she got rather a fright yesterday. 1. How about her bag or trunk? 2. She can tell me nothing about my M.SS., but that she saw them packed at Isleworth. Another time I will have them sent out registered. It will be safer than a careless sister. Nice child the white novice seems!


What did you think of M. Joseph's letter. Do you know I was afraid it was an uncharitable thought - but it has crossed my mind - that that annuity was a temptation to her, but I do not want to soil my soul by rash judgment.


Thank those who wrote for nice letters. They are so grateful for the Retreat you gave them.


Deo gratias! Now shall write no more as you will once more be home with Mother.


I still have fever and cough.

Letter 123:

God bless my own,


So glad all are having a nice time and that the good Bishop will remain. Sr. de Montfort is home with a swollen hand, headache and a little rash.

Thought it better to keep her away from the others and sent Sr. Ita to remain with her, but she says she thinks it is the sublimate so hope alright.

Lady Denbigh is worse and the other two pleurisy patients are very bad.


All have had to be - not aspirated - but really cut. The poor woman (I told sister to write accounts of cases etc) had a real operation, for the matter was on the bone so that they had to take a piece of bone away. Poor little thing, so patient. What a wonderful grace God does give in suffering. It makes one ashamed not to suffer more.


The house pleased Miss Dickinson, but I am sure she will write. I do not see why (if you like it) you should not go to England. If we pack our important things away, taking he documents etc to Fiesole, Mother Raphael with Srs. Lua, Chanel etc could see all moved and in September you could come and arrange. May God direct our steps and all we do prays, blessing you and all, Mother.

Letter 124:

May 1902

God bless you,


Have come to join in the Feast though do not yet know which day it is. Hope you received letters sent to Ferruccio. Was relieved to know that you went on to Fiesole straight. Have sent enclosed letter for the Jubilee on to Sydney. Will you see that the other houses have the letter also in time for the Feast of the Precious Blood. Such a pretty address from Adelaide nicely painted.


Will you give love to M. de Pazzi. Wanted the Seven Last Words painted in time for her Feast, but --. They would be nice somewhere about the Convent. I hope you will both and all have a real happy Feast. Say all that is loving to my children and kind to others, not forgetting Raffaelle and Margherita. Everything quiet here. Sr. Philippa very bad cold.


In sending sisters to Salsomaggiore Dr. Eyre says - say what train as he has twice sent a carriage costing 15 fr. to the wrong train. Now Angels help all and keep us walking the way.


Jesus walked on earth, that we may follow Him in Heaven, children and Mother.

Letter 125:

God bless my child, so many thanks for letter. Really you might have been inspired I had not seen the sisters. I told them what you said and they were grateful and wondered you seemed to know how they were hindered seeing me, but now it is late and I have been hours at it, and really it was needed. Poor human nature, I thank God that while penetrating into the mire of our poor fallen human nature (which the owners seem so perfectly unaware of) I have never in my life had a repugnance to anyone.


Sr. Ursula had something she would rather tell you than me, so I suppose it was about herself. I said she could speak freely to any Council mother. She seems thoroughly good, but I daresay what might be called old-maidish. She said how the convent in Rome had always been sacred to her, and how she had found there such edification etc. Shall be glad when you are back, but do not hurry. They say the Feast cannot be kept next week. So glad about M. Rose; thank Sr. Gertrude for verses.


Hope all is right about Fiesole. I told M. Michael (who said she ought to write) that it would be derogatory to you who represented me - that if you were not in Rome it would be different. Poor M. Agnes, I am sorry people think she is fretting after her last office and pity her. Love all for Mother.


Must finish for recreation, but when they began to come it was difficult, others are waiting now, though I have begun this morning and gone on with little intermission. God keep my own, and all mine, ever loving Jesus more and more as God leads them - as Father, Brother, Spouse, Lover, but ever as "very Man as well as very God".

Letter 126:

My darling,


Really I see your view. There are few for the work at Fiesole. Do what you think best about the white novices and do believe that Mother thoroughly trusts you and knows you will act conscientiously. I like to do what you wish, unless my conscience tells me something else and then I must go by it. I want a sheet of foolscap to write all I wish, but must content myself.

The present state of things is a puzzle. We all know that Sr. Edith cannot be a permanent novice-mother.


I have heard more Canon Law the last year than all my life; and if you heard all that is said about the N. mother it would surprise you. I suppose I took my ideas from the sisters of Mercy, where the Superior of the house is in the position of Mother General to all under her. The Novice Mistress must have full and entire control over the Novices. Only the Mother General (of course you always represent me), but if M. Joseph had gone to Propaganda it would have been bad for the Little Company, - a young Local Superior (M. de Pazzi is thought to be Superior) attempting to interfere and so on. If one excuses, saying M. Joseph needed - the answer - then she should no be in that position. The Novices should be taught to have perfect confidence in their Novice mistress and if this is weakened, they cannot make good religious in after years. Frs. Chandlery, Louis, Bonaventure have all sided with Joseph, and I should not be surprised if Fr. Carey did also. Fr. Bonaventure told M. Raphael and Fr. Louis told me the same thing last Friday so seriously.


About Propaganda, I feel grateful to Our Lady for arranging and saving the good name of Her Little Company, - how often has She done this. Do you remember when Fr. Armellini was sent to examine and question the sisters and there were only good ones, - Berkie, Pazzi, Gonzaga so he got a fine account from them of their Superiors etc. I would not be surprised if from M. Joseph's account it would have caused an investigation, which always means a disgrace, but enough. God's Providence is over us and we have good friends. I am sure all 3 Confessors here are our friends. I heard incidentally of Fr. Louis saying "You be easy, the Little Company can look after itself." I do not know what led to this; sometimes people say "it will be bad for the Little Company when Mother dies" or something of the kind. I have the greatest hope of a glorious future for Our Lady's Work and tell Our Lord at His Mother and save Her children from ever giving deacidification, keep the good name of.



Must finish with blessing all around, am so much better, Mother.

Letter 126:

God bless all,


Fr. Bellasis told me San Girolamo, the really interesting house of S. Philip will soon be for letting or sale. That would be a jubilee present from our children, eh? Fr. Bellasis is ill, like everyone else; I sent to invite him here, but he is leaving Rome. Sr. Philippa's patient has come for a day or so. Tell M. de Pazzi Mr Byles is to be ordained next Sunday. I think he was rather a friend of hers.


We send one or two letters daily, you will know if you receive them or not. Bid Goodbye this morning to Br. Titus, seemed poorly and low also, very grateful. All are. Sr. Luisa's patient sent down her bill to pay more, said it was too little. Think she will spend the summer with us. Must not (write) more now. God bless all.

Letter 128:

God bless my own,


Just now watching for an Ambulance patient, none other than the German priest who sang High Mass for Mr Byles (Fr. Hohn). Mr Russell was to have had Minor Orders Sunday next, and would be grateful if he could have them privately here. Am only writing a few lines, as you will soon be home. I am sorry you could not have a longer rest.


They tell me the Cardinal Vicar expects to clothe 2 Postulants, so we cannot get out of that but we could have the Professions, only Thecla is not due until St. Peter and Paul. St. Aloysius Feast would be grand for Sr. Gabriel, but she ought then to go into Retreat tonight, but will say a prayer and decide.


Welcome from all, none more than from Mother.

Letter 129:

God bless my own,


So glad you found all so nice, I wish you had not to come back. I am sure Rome is very unhealthy. Poor Lady Denbigh has received the last Rites and is so beautiful. Her sons have arrived, the Earl quite broke down. She is to have Mass tomorrow and her sons are going to Communion at it.


Fr. Chandlerer came and finished all off in little more than half an hour. Sr. Luisa has just come back from watching that favoured one, brought his old Office book and I enclose some pictures our of it, all dirty common little pictures, worse than mine, but you will value. One written on will please you. Cardinal Macchi held him in his arms and from Luisa's description it was lovely, the death of a Saint, the eyes looked up, the hand made as in life the long Sign of the Cross and he passed to God. Blessing and love of the heart of Mother.

Letter 130:

God bless,


Just a few lines at the ending of a real day. First thing I heard was that Mother Cecilia had sent Sr. Camillus to a case, Turkish Ambassador, Sr. Aloysius had to follow this morning to help. I do not know how many men had to hold him down in the night. He is dying or was, (a Mahometan). Sr. Philippa at the Beda, Sr. Montfort helping with an operation, dangerously ill. Should have had it here, only Mother Cecilia, I understand (though I cannot think it true) said there was no room. She had to go out to Gotti's case, but Philippina will take Sr. Aloysius' place with Camillus, and after an hour or so's rest poor Aloysius must go to Gotti's to let Cecilia home. Just now, during the sermon, a sister was wanted at Chamberlain's, a very sweet lady came and pleaded, but it could not be done, could it? so said No. Do you remember I said we should have a late season. God keep you safe in His loving keeping prays Mother.

Letter 131:

God bless you my own,


Father Bonaventure has just been and says that that beautiful Villa Spada with large piece of ground is to let, as the Mother General is not decided to remain in Rome and afraid to get into debt, but hey have lived in it and liked it so, but you heard how they were turned out. There can be no harm in going to see it, as you and M. Cecilia and Raphael also do not care much for the other place.


The two ladies from Bethell's are so happy here, the sick one much better. They want to go to Fiesole; they are carriage people I think, will send the most expensive flowers. Sr. Luisa is looking after them. The operation case and Mahoneli both dangerously ill, will bring Sr. Montfort home and send Raphael. Sent this morning but she begged off, am now telephoning for her. It was a grand grace, - that French lady's accident. God's Providence is wonderful, would we trusted it more. All our seeming accidents have a special grace or Providence, that is permitted for good.


God speak to my Child and show His Beauty. I often wish that, for your big heart would bound so, but Jesus often does come and speak to you, though you may not know the moment. May the Holy Angels tell you many things that would wish to, Mother.

Letter 132:

Catelli just been. 1. The Villa you saw they will not let but sell for ,6.000 (the little house near, constructing, would be but little more).


2. The other Villa they will let for 5 years at 6.000 lire per annum, or sell it for ,5.000. It is larger than the one you saw but fewer rooms. It was a Methodist School. They must have an answer soon about the one you saw as two people want it, one, the Queen, as a Home for widows, but we can have it, but only to buy. Catelli says it will be worth more soon, I believe, but the other Villa, of which we enclose picture is nice and a small "construction" he called it (unfinished walls) could be turned into a Chapel.

May God direct His Mother's little ones prays Mother.

Letter 133:

God be with all during their Retreat. May He walk with them holding loving communion. For some it may be a time of trial, they may be "led into the desert to be tempted by the devil", to some others it may be on long communion. Sweet Jesus, inspire all with generosity. May He be with those who have to bravely withstand temptation. May His Spirit lead those to that entire mortification necessary for all who God for His own wise purposes would withdraw to the Mount to hold converse with. Let all pray for one another, and then God's blessing will be over that little Sanctuary, so loved by the Angels, that little Mary-spot of earth, given to Our Mother.


Need I say, let those who are professed now strive to practise more perfectly all they were taught in the Novitiate, preferring the most abject duties, obeying promptly, punctual to all exercises, and repairing again what ever may have become a little wrong or careless through their contact with the world. Poor human nature! There will be something in all to look into. In examining what we have done, let us look into the spirit with which we have performed our work. Were they all performed according to the spirit of our Rule? and were they performed willingly, not grudgingly, because however hard we may have laboured, we have spoilt our labours, if we were selfish over them.


I remember once hearing an old religious say that a good Sister of Mercy should never go to bed without every bone in their body aching. How then about a sister of the Little Company of Mary, whose very promises are so impressive as to the hard life they hope to lead. Our functions the words used are most expressive. You know, I cannot just now, my Children, write much, but I do want to impress on you - not to disguise yourselves from yourselves. You may hide your defects excuse them, you may think yourselves justified about certain things, but you are not wise, not happy in doing so. When lying on a sick bed, when the happy moment for dear Jesus, the happy moment for His Spouse to meet Him and look into His sweet Human Face comes, how grateful, how thankful beyond words you will be, that you are known, that you have had no disguise between yourself and Jesus, that you can look up, because you have been open, hones, truthful to God, your neighbour and yourself.


Your own poor soul has been laid open and that during life your constant cry had been "mea culpa, mea culpa", (for the sins you both know and did not know). From a humble contrite heart this was said whenever Superiors pointed out our faults on earth, and then in Heaven, our hearts bound to Mary's will send forth her burst of praise, "My soul doth magnify the Lord".

God keep you from all evil; I will be with you in spirit and you must send your Guardian Angel if you want help from your loving Mother.

Letter 134:

My very dear Child and help,


What is yours and every Mother Assistant's duty? It is a very wide field and what I think might not be thought by every mother, but I think you might read what Brother Gerard was to St. Bernard and see a good example. What stress St. Bernard laid upon the fact that this good brother and help saved him seeing visitors, for one thing alone.


Now my idea of a Mother Assistant is that I should like her to shield me from being seen, that I could be hidden more and my time saved, that she should help me forget what I am and so on. But to give a general view of mother and mother assistant, they should ever be as one. Every sister should know well that what the one says will not be contradicted by the other. They should be one in heart and soul. This, my childie, I think we are as a rule, but to descend to particulars. - Either the Mother or Mother Assistant has to be constantly about seeing the various charges are being well performed, reminding sisters who are forgetful or neglectful, seeing that the many little affairs that cannot always be put to any one's particular charge are looked to, seeing the various rules are being observed, correcting quietly where correction is needed, saying a kind word where a kind word is needed, cheering up some downcast sister, or giving help, where it can be seen it will be a charity and not encouraging idleness. The best regulated household needs someone whose business it is to go about and see that everyone is performing their charge and filling up the gaps that must necessarily exist, even where everything is tried to be arranged beforehand.


The Mother or Mother Assistant will often find some little thing that, unless looked to, will cause some confusion in the house, however small it may be. We cannot possibly enumerate the many little things that occur, a clock or watch stopped or wrong, something left about, grace books perhaps forgotten, or the ordinary reading book not in its place, some clothes drying that may be blown away or burnt, some exercise that is not being performed as ordered, and now many things we may think of if we consider quietly.


A Mother Assistant has also to help the Mother by often saying a silent prayer when she sees the Mother in difficulty, to warn her quietly if she sees her doing wrong or making mistakes to uphold her authority both by word and example. The Mother Assistant has to see that every other, both Mother and Sister, is fulfilling her charge. She may often have to perform most offices herself, but in any case she must watch (that) others are performing them aright. She cannot expect every one to perform them, she must expect to find them often performed wrong and will need great patience and to preserve her own soul in peace, that she may not by gentle Jesus be reproached for being encumbered about many things.


The Mother must often excuse many things that really do not deserve excuses, but it is wiser, in order to prepare the soul to receive the correction in a good spirit, and some things indeed have to be passed over, at any rate for a time. A Mother Assistant's duty is most onerous and most arduous, and can alone bebsweetened by the joy or working for dear Jesus, and also by assisting and lightening the labours of the Mother dear Jesus has given us. This is allowable and laudable. Jesus loves filial piety and will bless the heart of the one who possesses it, therefore we may love to please our Mother and think in pleasing her and helping her we are helping dear Jesus. He will take the acts as done to Himself. The Mother Assistant's office would be indeed painful if not lightened by the love and entire confidence of the Mother, ....

Letter 135:

God comfort my Child,


When you feel that lonely feeling try and make a spiritual Communion, - "Jesus my Life" would do, if nothing else. God permits these moments and in His dear Compassion endured them Himself in the Garden. If He had not suffered these human weaknesses, fear and repugnance, how could He have been our own Brother Jesus. His Heart is Human God be praised.

Re. - the advertisement, - the enemy of all good put the article in the "Messagero". I wonder anyone who knew us would think we had any hand in it. I was sorry we did not advertise in the "Osservatore", so many complained they knew nothing about the Procession. But I am not advertising this time either or letting the papers know, but sending a few notes to nuns etc. You know I naturally love quiet, but if there is something to be done for God's Glory it would be selfish not to do it.

Hope you can read this, my darling, my arms are rather inflamed, but I felt I must write. Our Lady bless my Child, prays Mother.

Letter 136:

Happy Birthday! God bless my Own,


Very glad of telegram. We are praying for you, hoping all will go on well. Sending a little "Ricordo" of the day we ought all to love. The sisters enjoyed their outing this morning, and Pip was very important minding me, came of himself and took up his abode on the mat watching both ways.

Lord and Lady Talbot were at St. John's and are coming here this afternoon. We shall be anxious to know the day of the ceremony to send them little momentos in time. - Lord and Lady Talbot just gone, nearly 7 o'clock, so must finish. Such a nice man. he wouldn't go though Lady Talbot kept urging him to go. He seems very interested in us.

God bless my own "Childie" - the word cheered me in the Telegram. I give you obedience in what you say and do in union with Mother.

Please have that side affair seen to. I should not think rubbing was good, rather poultice, but have some opinion.


Words on picture of Crucifixion enclosed in Letter 136

Jesus! Live in love my Child's heart and fill it to overflowing with holy desires, prays Mother. "To live within the Arms of God and lie upon His Breast, Where the wicked cease from troubling and the weary are at rest."

Letter 137:

God bless my childie, and give her a spirit of thanksgiving for the wonderful graces given her, and the success of the little "barque" she is so earnestly helping to steer. We shall be looking forward to letters of news. Here we are very quiet, only Sr. de Montfort gone to Miss Pope; influenza, which she told Emma, and I told Emma not to mention, which she thought herself. Influenza is catching.


Fr. Smith is Our Lady's postman, so it gives us a little more time for a word to be said. Please tell each dear one of the one little act to practise to strengthen the will, and that not wanting to do a thing is not the reason why we should not do it, but the reason rather that we should do it. This is the last Chapter of the "Patch of Mary" I am sending you, in case you get it printed. Never mind if you cannot afford it. Lady Edmund is delighted with "God's Family" says it is just what is wanted and wants I know not how many.


I bless and love and offer all to Jesus. Be pure gold that Our Lady may be proud to offer again her Little Company, the fruit of Her Sorrows. Now is offering the whole body, Mother.

Letter 138:

God bless and the Good Physician heal my Child, whom I fear is not as well as Mother wishes. Thanks for telegram, but the promised letter had not yet arrived. Indeed we do not know if Fr. Smith and Dr. Floissac have yet arrived. All here about the same. Sr. M. Patricia looks sorrowful and has had an upset with Miss D. I do not know if she has been to confession. One can not know now.


Do you know who altered the old way of then the Confession Bell rang all (except a few) assembled in the Chapel? Do you not think it would be better if they did so now? Answer this,

1) One waiting outside is enough. They waste time running about for one another and we cannot know who does not go. I thought perhaps Sr. Patricia would get grace from Fr. Chandlerer, but I hardly like to ask her.

Have had a very long talk with Miss Puckle and a another conversation with Teresina, who seems a nice refined child (18). Mons. Bisleti has told her for the last six years she was "troppo giovane", but at last gave her leave to ask admission. I did not know whether she had better be an aspirant before entering the Novitiate, but sent her for a letter. I am sorry to write so badly, but arm and hands are swollen.


Archbishop Stonor called to say how pleased Lord and Lady Talbot were with us. Archbishop Stonor starts tomorrow for London.

God keep my own, bright and happy, prays Mother.

Letter 139:

God bless my child,


Only a few lines to enclose letters, as it is now late, one stream of visitors and sisters going. All out, even Sr. Patrick. So glad you are better. Poor Card Parocchi died last night, a Master of Ceremonies Vatican and Pialli. People are alarmed and the strange sleeping sickness together. Enclose letter. Perhaps you could take in Florence and Fiesole Bp.. Dunne and the Priests. We are besieged here. Dr. Campanella wanted to bring in a patient today etc. Archbishop Merry's man was brought.


Please thank M. de Pazzi and all for letters. Scotch lady slowly dying, Mrs Bryan better. You are indeed short of sisters in Fiesole. Princess thinks she has a situation for Eliza. I would not take money for the Novitiate, but said she could pay for the days after.


Offering you again to Our Lady, Mother.


So sorry to send you such an untidy letter. Hope you can read it. Of course Gertrude is not to return till you bring her. I would rather send someone to you. I know there are questions to answer, but cannot read your letter again now. We are at recreation and Sr. Philippa waiting to take post. Holy Angels fold you under their wings and show you their love and the love and desires, and motives of Mother.

Letter 140:

God bless my own,


Very glad of your cheery P. card. The telegrams was a mystery, coming in answer to a letter written a few hours before. We did not know that Sr. Gonzaga's patient had telegraphed. She has now just left me and may perhaps wait until Fr. Byan goes to Fiesole, which he would like at the end of the month. Began this in the garden, now writing after many visitors, Mr Descuffi found a Lift warehouse, a place where he got some ideas, so I sent a message to write direct to Fr. Smith. The most sensible idea was that when a house has not been built for a lift, they are best where it can be put outside the house. I should think this would suit San Girolamo.

Father Whitmee just been and Bp.. Bourne and the "Bambino Gesu". Fr. Chandelery said that a nobleman wanted the site at the Lateran, but they had another piece of ground between Pinciana and Porta Salaria (a vineyard). May God direct us in some marked way and prevent His Mother's children making a wrong step. We will pray, will we not? heart and soul together children and Mother.


Not hearing will let Sr. Raphael go. We might bring another sister back instead, if you like.

Letter 141:

45 Via Castelfidardo, Rome


Many thanks, my childie, for letter.


Shall be with you all in spirit tomorrow, and you will welcome to the Little Company the new children Our Lady has sent us, and may they spare nothing that would hinder their being really Our Lady's "Own", simple, humble children, a delight to Her Heart. I will not write, as you are with them, you will do all and more than I. Thank God for the mother's heart He has given you, thought it costs you many a pang. They are jewels, Our Lady waits for them to adorn a beautiful robe she has in store for her zealous energetic child.


Just had Don Giulio and a Monsignor (?). Poor poor priest, such a lovely resigned face. How beautiful his soul must be, such patient suffering depicted on it and yet so bright. He said he was "forte", only for his had he could say Mass.


Just seen Mrs Brock (?), very much in earnest, thank God. Hope you will be home for her reception. You are missed, but I am glad you and dear M. Catherine are having such a nice time. Bishop Preston just coming over, just time to finish. Say to each what you know would wish, Mother. Our Lady's Blessing, pray Her be present with you.

Letter 142:

Via Castelfidardo 45, Rome

April 27th 1903


God bless my Childie, God bless you all, thanks for letters, what do you think of bringing Emerita here? We so want French, letters etc. The old Vicar (that was) has had to go to the Anglo-American. Miss Pope was here this afternoon, I did not see her, but she felt it Sr. Philippa saying abruptly we had no room for Fr. Louis. Did you know he was ill? Found himself in the garden with the monks round. Miss Pope sent me a message begging me to promise I would take him in.


Sr. Philippa finished Sr. Edith's book, the Royal arms and a short address beautifully done. Sr. Gertrude had to go to bed and Sr. Lua again. Something very unhealthy in the air. We finished our Exposition for the Holy Father's Papal Jubilee. I think Kind Edward put everything else out of people's minds.


Again God bless my own prays her loving Mother. Excuse this, Mother.

Letter 143:

God bless my own and Angels bring her safely back,


How I have prayed for the interview of the Holy Father and King. There is something wonderful in it all, and the Emperor of Germany on Saturday. It seems to me the angels are so busy arranging matters. What if Germany and England united to protect the Holy Father!


The official letters, the lovely likeness and various excitements have just finialed in what seemed like a bomb, - but it was only a gas explosion. The Chinese rushed out and a general cry and hubbub. A pipe fell in our garden, they hauled it up in a basket.


We will welcome you back indeed. Poor Mother Cecilia seems so fretty and unlike herself. Many have colds, but Pip is most important in his renewed health, here and there, keeping order, investigating matters and making up for the days of inaction. The ghost of Cardinal Manning would rise in holy horror to see Pip licking up brandy. He felt so benevolent afterwards he actually licked Pussy.


Father Louis very poorly. No sign of death in our patients. Shall be happy to have my child M. de Pazzi for the Feast. With love all round as ever Mother.


I thought the poor Bishop would be glad to have the letter from the Kind about Edith's book.

Letter 144:

Happy holy Feast to my Child,


Jesus console my child with the sweet tender love of His Mother. We have just been to confession and I have Mass in our Oratory. Mons. Bressan went into the Holy Father and asked leave. Don't worry, my Child over this affair, it will all turn to good. Again begging blessing from Heaven for you and all, as ever Mother.


Of course you will be with me. I must not be late; like a line or two to go every day. The Stations are not blessed, you will have to show copy of Rescript to Chaplain. God bless my own. Fr. Meyer and Chandlery been again. Everything is granted. They did not deny Fr. Flock was funny, thought he had almost had a stroke.


Love all and live in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, prays Mother.

Letter 145:

God's Greeting, God's love fill my Child's soul and St. Philip's joy brighten all she does and says. It seems so strange writing to you for your Feast, but we have watched and waited for a letter for days and now conclude you are not coming, but there is some comfort in the thought that M. Michael will make a nice Feast. You have never been away from Mother before and the many happy returns that mother's heart wishes is sent with love that would suffer by God's grace and would go through oh so much to complete he work in her child's soul and present her hereafter to God a warrior, a conqueror in that most gallant fight of the battle of life.


God be with my own and a whole host of Angels surround her and bring her safe back to Mother. This was a letter I began when I thought you might not be home for your feast. Just received a letter from Mons. Zonghi, saying the Patriarch of Jerusalem, who at this moment is in Rome, will give the Count what he wants, but am sending to make sure this time before writing to the Count. What a meeting you will have with our good Bishop. God make use of you to do much good and hold you close to His Sacred Heart. Just had Fr. Whitmee, very kindly came up to tell me the Engineer working near our site would be much cheaper. Love all for Mother.

Letter 146:

God bless my poor suffering child, whom I have been following in her lonely journey, praying Jesus to speak to her. How I have asked Him to! If you could but love Him more, how all these troubles would be (not taken away) but have such a different aspect. I picture to myself how your heart would bound, your big loving heart respond, if dear Jesus would but show you more visibly a little of His Love. If you saw but a little momentary view of that exceeding loveliness and that you caught a glimpse of God, so loveable and so desirous of our love. My Child, I have a hope that on this crushed heart of yours seeds would be sown. I thought and hopes that on the journey mayhap dear Jesus came to you and warmed your poor heart and comforted you. Come Lord Jesus, come! Cry to Him, call upon the Pity of that Sacred Heart to help child and mother. I need not tell you love all for Mother.

Letter 147:

God bless my child,


We were indeed glad to hear from you, I especially, for though it is right not to telegraph I generally get one from someone, and yesterday we heard of such horrors, it made me anxious, and when your telegram arrive today, midday, I was convinced, being addressed to M. Raphael, it would need a Fiat, but I did not say a word and now your P.card has arrived also, so "Deo gratias". Do hope you will have a nice time.


Dr. Brock sent in a case for twice a day visit and Beda man wants to come. M. Cecilia must tell you for my arm won't write much, though I am the same, no worse other ways. Love all and each from Mother.

It was a very cold reception of the Pilgrims but it appears the H. Rather had had a great cross. God keep His Hand over us and may we cling close to Him, for "they all leaving Him fl?? seems exemplified in our times (or partly). The Confessor or rather one allowed in at the Conclave, a Carmelite monk, has abjured the faith and preached in Venti Settembre, Sunday. Is it not too sad, but Don Alfredo expressed it thus, "He met one `gal'".

Letter 148:

God's Angels take messages from Mother, so very grieved some letter has been misunderstood. We could have written to you saying such things and you risking your life for your Community? I do not know what letter you refer to, dear, we write so many, sometimes twice a day, but I never wrote a word about disobedience, and as regards Fiesole, I only wrote simply my fears that M. Edith might get autocratic, having no one now to keep her in check and that I did wish you could have such a help as M. de Pazzi as M. Raphael is so unobservant, but, my darling, I never thought of doing anything without you, I know how good they both are.


Cheer up, you have loving devoted children. Please God you will have a good quiet rest soon. I do so feel for you, my heart is pierced thinking what you have gone through, but so grateful for the grace of God, Who has enabled you to do so much good. God bless you! Do not trouble about the money.


Telegraph to M. Raphael if you want any. Ryde and Adelaide sent none for my Feast and the other I gave up for bills. The journey will soon be over. St. Raphael, protect! and our loved Florida show her power with God to the one she so loved. As ever Mother.

St. Raphael - Joy be with you always.

Letter 149:

God bless my own,


Indeed I feel for you, but it seems to me that the "old boy" travels from one house to another and did not find enough to do just now here, and went off in search of fresh employment.

1. I am anxious about Sr. Gregory; shall we have Council to decide about Gregory! I am afraid of her sinning if she is not keeping her vows and is not dispensed.


2. Do you know the Nurses have left Malta?


3. Very nice letter from Bp.. MacSherry agreeing to all M. Xavier asked, ,100 passage; house etc free, only he thought we would lose respect by house to house collection. We could write and get subscriptions and so on.


Emma not long gone, looks nicely and says Blanche suffers with her eyes. I think M. Etheldreda might take her to a good optician. Would you see to it? if she is in London or could come. Trust all are now good. God continue His grace to my child and may she correspond more and more and live. To live under our own priests, one family with ourselves, then i think my child would become a saint. How would bless her from above. Mother.

Letter 150:

God bless my childie, will begin in time today. Sr. Gonzaga just gone to Venice. Dr. Kepler telegraphed, poor child, was sorry to go. Patients in the house better. Priest will not be here long. He is in M. Waterman's room. No one seems to know anything of Mons. M del Val, Mons. Bisleti said he was writing to him. Sr. Elena's people not answered her.


Mons. Debono begged me to go for the laying of the stone of the new Convent, coming with another Priest to say Mass tomorrow. Did you know all the nuns returned from Africa? A fresh batch have gone. Fr. Whitmee asked did we see M. Fidelis. I wrote M. Catherine Sr. Lua could stay if her mother would come and see her at Hyson Green. I think to see Lua would be a precedent, though your good heart had the kind thought. I should think it better Sr. Edith returned direct to Rome, you could tell her I asked.

Now, dearie, I am trying to give you news, you will think like Sr. Gertrude. The telegram arrived at recreation, caused great fun. I have had to bring the M.SS out of the Novitiate. I enclose a piece copied prepared for print, torn, there is also more. Write down, dearie, the few things you want done for Miss D., Waterman etc on a slip of paper, so there will be no mistake. Where is the carpet. I must sent you letters. You cannot understand without seeing and Our Lady would wish us to use Her money for Her business Today ...


This is not the real writing of Pio Nono but taken off it, you understand, lithographed or some mode of representing it. It is loveliest thing I have seen, thought you would like it. Archbishop Merry just been. I don't know why, seemed so tired and sickly, took a cup of tea. God bless.

Please put letter to Bishop in nice envelope. M. Angela is to go back to Fiesole as soon as this attack is over.

Letter 151:

Via Castelfidardo 45, Rome


My darling,


Enclose Fr. Flock's signature. Perhaps the thought of a new Pope making difficulties made them hurry up, for they wanted to sign today, but could not without Mother Cecilia, so telegraphed for her and trying to get money. M. Raphael and Philippa spent the morning and M. Raphael and Gertrude the afternoon, such a funny little couple they looked going out. Schumacher said they would telegraph to you, and now Descuffi has turned up from Naples and said he could get it 5 percent, so we need not have troubled. We must pay some at the signing, ,800 would do. So tomorrow we sign the contract, please God tomorrow the Little Company or rather Our Lady will possess a piece of ground of her own in the Holy City, - God be praised.


Forty Cardinals have come in; the Holy Father sill lingers. They say there will be another season, if he dies. It takes 7 days for the funeral. Miss Haydon is keeping her Pension open the summer here in Rome. The Sisters will write you an account of this week, the requiem they say was lovely. The students did it all, brought their own vestments and catafalque and sang. Fancy 90 in the Chapel and garden singing with one voice "Nearer my God to Thee" over the little Aloysius' body. They say it was thrilling, no one but must be moved and the discipline perfect. They walked in two files up the street to St. Lorenzo. Sisters did not go because of the Retreat. They were here saying Masses an early hour in the morning, but all was in order for the first sermon at 9. And Mons. Kennedy cannot say enough, "If you ever want a friend, come to me".


I wonder what they will pay, but it will do much good in any case. They used all the lemons the good Prioress of he Carmelites, S. Stefano Rotondo sent us. Poor Mother Raphael was aghast, she said there was such a number. Fancy, poor thing, in her own great poverty; the Government does pay the Jesuits for them. Poor little Father Chandlery is doing his best, as interested as ever.


Sr. Thecla is all right, but I am very uneasy about Sr. Alphonsus, write to her and indeed write a general to all. God keep you, my own child, well in soul and body to work long and lovingly for His Mother's Little Company , prays Mother.


P.S. I do not see how we can keep on Charlotte Street under the new arrangements, but we must pray. We have an old Church and fine piece of ground offered at Capri. Artists go from all part of the world to paint it, "La Croce" it is called, but what can we do? They will give it to German Sisters and have collected 5000 francs and different people, Municipio included, promising annual subscriptions, one lady 300 for life and so on, far better offer than Ottaiane, which I am writing to refuse. We are keeping other nuns out who would be glad to go. The Parroco, who is the Bishop of Capri said he had not finally settled with the German nuns, would wait a week. He would so like English nuns and they would get on so well, as the English speaking (mostly) crowd Capri, would we go for six months and see. He said from Oct. to May is the season. We could be in a convent whilst we saw for ourselves, before finally arranging. If we would do this, what think you?


Thank all for letters and love them for me.

Letter 152:

One beauty in this world the less. Our loved Holy Father gone, the true and noble, the great and grand, has gone to the fitting post. Poor Pio Centra, how I pity him, in a corner of the room sobbing with his face in his hands.


Love all for Mother. I give obedience on the special prayers you send round word to be made for the new Pope. Take care of yourself, as ever with heart of love, Mother. God bless all.

Sent off Bank. We are making the Novena you wish.

Letter 153:

Tuesday morning

God comfort my child,


Am writing this early in the morning, as I only received your sorrowful letter late last night, after I had written. Courage, "the darkest hour is nearest the dawn". Your visit may do more good, surely will, than the one you paid last. "By this sign + thou shalt conquer" holds good all days, and so that other + my child, it is indeed a deep one for you and for me.

I feel much for you; it does not lessen my love anymore than it did when, - God knows what I felt as I met my own mother in the street and we parted without a blessing or a God speed, I to the station, she home, God help us! This is a greater pain, but God is permitting it for some good. The Little Company of Mary was founded with a broken pierced heart in its foundations, now there are two. If you will trust me, my child, I will take all the responsibility. You have done your duty and said what your conscience dictated. When God so wills the light will come to you and when His "fiat" goes forth, you will then rejoice and be glad to have been patient and resigned under such a grievous trial.


You know, darling, I must do what I think my duty, "to falter would be sin". I do not doubt, but I feel for you who do. It must be such a painful state. You are now being tried and suffering in secret (but not secret to Mother) God sees and God will reward. Childie, all this uncertainty will pass and you will be telling tales of this time to young ardent souls, as they cluster round a loved mother, listening about a little mother gone, as we speak of our early Hyson Green days, so will you speak, but that was Nazareth - and this is Calvary. The ... soul the graces of your confirmation. Veni Sancte Spiritus! Veni, veni!


Love all for Mother.

Letter 154:

God bless my own Child,


I have prayed as you wish and have done more, and it must prove my love for you, my childie, for I have told Our Lord that if He had been going to take me to Himself as I thought, and He gave me the choice to go myself or give you to Him, I would make the sacrifice and let you go, and live on again and battle this stormy life instead of you. I did hesitate before I could do this, and thought also would it not be better for you to bloom a bit but God's Power, as His Pity, is Infinite and He could prepare you. And I prayed to poor Dismas happy Dismas, whom Our Lady's prayers did so much for.


Whether my prayer will be heard or not, I know not, but if it is not and I have to go before you, you must be brave and say, as I shall by God's grace, if I am to live, - I am glad my child was spared this, thanks be to God, she is now in Peace. I think it was through Our Lady's prayers that St. Joseph was taken before her. She could not bear to think of his poor old heart being so terribly crushed at the sight of the Passion.


We are indeed in the Passion time; I wrote it once, without any reason. Now, I know it, but he Passion-flowers will be nearest to the Sacred Heart for ever, and the longest time is short, if by suffering we can be nearer and dearer to dear Jesus for all eternity. Be brave, it may be but one step, two steps, but if it be a dozen, it will seem nothing, when you meet by the side of Jesus, smiling, bright and happy.


Your loving mother, Mary

Letter 155:

God bless my childie,


How fares it with her? I hope well, and that the "little barque" Dr. Kirby used to speak so benevolently about is sailing in smooth waters. Am alright and will do my best to keep so till you come home. Do you know the good your gold piece did? I said to M. Cecilia, M. Philip gave me this, and I said I thought I would have an Exposition with it. Well said Mother Cecilia, Don Alfredo said he would like to give you Exposition in the little Oratory. "I would not like it, Cecilia, it would not be reverent, and how could be?" He said "It could not be in two places at the same time, and he could take the Blessed Sacrament over every night and bring it away after he had given you Holy Communion. Many people remove the Blessed Sacrament at night." This last was too tempting. Exposition I felt would not be right but the Blessed Sacrament at night would be more honoured here than (there) and I am sure you will be glad when you return to have more of Our Lord. Love all for Mother.

Letter 156:

God bless you my darling and fill your soul with all holiness.

I feel uneasy about you. You do not seem to be well, and besides you seem down. You know my child, how often when you had two sisters together you found how different matters were to what they appeared when you only heard one side. Well, in our lives we have not the opportunity of doing that, so to be just we have to try and make our minds see two sides, when the person is absent.


That is the only way to keep peaceful in our souls and to be just to others, but if we let a thought present itself and then we dwell over it and get disturbed, and then judge the actions of others, not trying to attribute to them a good motive, though we have no reason to think they have a bad one. If we do this we shall spoil the beauty of our lives. We shall make discord and I want my child's soul to make music to God. It does do that; He listens as we listen to a little bird carolling sweetly, but sometimes you strike a wrong note.


In you letter, today, you have a tone of reproach to those who would do anything for you, I cannot answer each point, but I could show you each if speaking.


1. Re the cheque - We told you how bad the posts were and we had two detectives. We did not like to send it, but will put it in the Bank and you can order it to be sent to you.


2. If you do not like the responsibility of Power of Attorney, it need not be, but it is only being legally what you have been so long as religious. I always gave it to you.


3. Mother Raphael sent you accounts. Letters may be lost; even when sending a telegram the man told us it could nt go till next day. Cardinal Oreglia telephoned to us to send him to the Vatican, but told him to do his duties to us. Must finish, someone coming, and Earl of Halifax' Chaplain just gone. Am glad I have these few lines finished. I hold you to be blessed by the Mother in Heaven you so love.


Letter 157:

Via Castelfidardo 45, Rome

August 3rd


Mother has come to have a chat with her old own child and put business etc on one side. I have been trying to put myself in your position and view things from your point of view. First, Dear, do you think that I do not want you as much as I did? Perhaps this is it, and if you have any such thought, darling, I assure you I miss you more. When you leave there is a void which I offer to Our Lord and then try not to dwell on it, comforting myself that you now do not need me as you did once, and happy when I hear comforting accounts of how good and motherly you are to the children.

It is but natural I should miss your companionship, my child, but since I gave up my mother and brothers and all dear to me, I hope I have not let my love for anyone induce me to have them always near me. You are an exception from exceptional circumstances, and will be with me till death. But these Visitations are but temporary separations and you do good by them and sometimes they do you good, but do not let any distrust of your mother come in. Spit at the old boy when he comes with his insinuations and do not let him inflame your mind, for nothing does you good then. Do you not see that in others and how he gets hold of those whom he draws from their filial trust and confidence in mother.


Now try and rise above the billows. Keep peaceable and learn from our good Father and Bishop patience. You nor I cannot have that virtue of ourselves, but keep on your lips those words "Patience of the Heart of Jesus, make me patient." And now I will tell you a little secret. Fr. David almost assures me the Archbishopric for the Bishop when he comes out. All he can do he will and he is fond of the Bishop. It is not pretence, the Bishop has a good friend in him. I am looking forward to some nice readings and I think the Bishop's presence at recreation raises the tone.


God be with my own, and now someone must write all the business to you for me, there is enough, I take my child again in my arms and offer to her Mother.

Letter 158:

Feast of the Nativity


God bless my child,


Such good news, your return home and so glad you are coming with Miss Dickinson. Our dear Lord so good to us on this beautiful Feast. Am trying to get it all copied for you and we are shorthanded. Mother Cecilia has gone with the patient and friend to Fiesole. I did not like to trust any sister, and it does M. Cecilia good.


Cardinal Macchi hopes to be there on the Monday after the Maternity. Will it not be nice? They must give him a royal reception. He seems quite a great man at the Vatican now, and more interested in us than ever. Came last night again. They said, at the coronation when he put the Tiara on the Pope, it was touching to see him trying to comfort the Pope, who looked at him so lovingly through his tears.


God keep my child close and Mother Mary increase the love of Jesus in her heart prays Mother.


God bless, God love. So many thanks for letters. Have just written to thank Card. Merry for a lovely blessing signed by the Holy Father, will send you copy, - the letters !!! as ever Mother.

Letter 159:

God bless,


Congratulations to our good Bishop. He has many prayers. Be sure go to Nice with the Bishop. You know how Mrs Preston would be delighted to give you hospitality on your way back, when you have seen the Bishop to his destination. How I wish Sir Joseph Montefiore wold be travelling and Sr. Chanel be able to give him a look to on the journey. I think there was nothing else to answer in your letter as it is now late.


Mons. Campbell just gone after a long visit, went through that tremendous Deed, also Monteith affair, and St. Patrick's. Fr.. Magnier has been about a friend coming, so we said Yes. Sr. Philippina said she would write to you direct. The sisters are coming in, so must finish. I carry you before Jesus. May He give you the many and great graces you need for a post in God's Church the Angels in Heaven might envy for the power you possess of doing good. Love all and say something good from Mother.


A telephone from the Vatican, Mr Acton's audience was put off, for Monday. The telegram came Saturday night. We let him know, it was rather a ...? I think trusting to telephone.

Letter 160:

My own,


You would really pity your Mother, who feels ashamed to live, bothering everyone and putting them about. Here is M. Cecilia in Florence and sisters all busy, cabs from morning till night with this dying boy etc and a Retreat. Well, really it was not Mother's doing, but I feel guilty because I really wished it. The Sisters seemed so to want something, and St. Ignatius gallant, chivalrous, kind, came to the rescue.


Mother Cecilia writes brightly and seems herself. I should have sent for Sr. Gabriel or some one or other of the children, but thought you would not like me to, and I do not want to do what would displease you, unless it is necessary and a manifest duty. Please God, you will keep well; I was afraid the wet would hurt you, but all say how well you are and so sweet and gentle trying to give pleasure to all. Brava! Glad news for mother.


Archbishop Stonor has just been, now with the dying student, coming back to say something to me, so must fill up the time. The bell just gone for the 1st Exercise, and Catelli leaving the house, with the advice from me not to go to Fr. Flocch but to Fr. Meyer, whom I should not known as the fine hale man I once knew. He is more like Archbishop Kirby, so white and sweet and bright.

Letter 161:

God bless my Child,


Have had this piece of paper before me for hours and have not been alone and now it is near 7. How can I write all that I want? Thanks so much for letter. It is very wise to notice those signs. St. Fr. de Sales says they are given us by the Angels, warning us of a coming trial or temptation, in order that we may appeal for help and receive it, - so that is comforting. I am glad you do know yourself. It is well, dearie, with you and you give God great glory by the confidence with which you rise again. That trust is particularly pleased and one of the great signs of His being with you in a special manner. To think of God receiving this great glory makes us understand the Church chanting on God Friday O Happy Fault!


When I began this letter I meant to have told you the news of the day, but my pen ran thus. A Telegram from "Bridge" keep the room, could sister stay till next week? I telegraphed No, she is able to pay if she wants a sister and I even had to send Gertrude today out to help Gonzaga with Baroness Testaferrata, - just telegraphed dead. Sr. Montfort going out to a case again tomorrow. Fr. Agius happily called in, went off to Testaferrata, all Italians.


God bless my child prays Mother.

Letter 162:

Thanks my childie for all nice letters. You have been very good letting me know all. I so often want advice.


1. What do you think of a sister going to S. Africa with a gentleman and his two male servants. The enclosed card will show you what a gentleman he is. He says he understands that as he had no female in the house we would wish to send two sisters, but in travelling, if he could have one, he would be so grateful. He is helpless with arthritis. He has a beautiful apartment and would like Sr. Ursula for her French.


2. It is all right about De Zerbi, but M. Raphael tells me there is ,80 owing to M. Angela, and there is enough to pay her in Pope Pius' box, but then she says we shall have nothing left to go on with, as we put monies as they came, in you name, in the Bank, and so cannot get it out. M. Angela, I know would never mention it, but that is why I would be anxious not to impose on her. Will wait till I hear from you. There has been a good deal of money come in for charity, but I have not kept it separate, as we are always doing charity and the sisters are a charity, and I gave orders as you said for good soup.


It is too funny about Pip. He did not like the grass Descuffi brought him, "Of course" said Mother Raphael "He knows what he wants himself, and will only take it fresh. Then came your letter as though you were taking part in the conversation.


He (Mr Descuffi) is going off after Benediction. We have not the Contract yet and it is delaying the work. It appears that Carletti and his 2 partners (who know better than him) could not agree. Descuffi said he goes between and tries to make the peace, but Carletti really should be under them. They are first-rate men.


One thing I must not forget. Do write and tell the sisters that if they are all happy and good you will excuse all else. They worry me about what you will say when you come home, "This is not done and that etc" but I tell them M. Philip is reasonably and will know with such a summer, what more could be done. Sr. Gertrude says, on the contrary, the house is kept cleaner, for all the summer they have been cleaning. Instead of shutting up the rooms, they have all been used and therefore had to be clean. The pictures fell down, no one knows why, I had the place blessed, to the amusement of Don Alfredo, who said he was not a Thaumaturgus and could not hinder pictures falling. Can't write more, am better but not myself. There is a poison in the air and a deal of sickness, but I keep refusing cases.


God love all and hold my child tight in His arms, prays Mother.

I must tell you the message about changing the Superiors Don Ferrari would not give to Sr. Philippa. He could give it to no one but a Council Mother and not Mother General. Do not worry, another opportunity of an act of entire trust and abandonment to God. Make this act; let us cast ourselves on that Ocean of Trust, God. Mother.

Letter 163:

God bless my child,


Have just had a long talk with Fr. Scwartz. Fr. Louis told me to consult him, he was very business-like. He brought up the contract for St. Joachim, but I was not to speak of it. He read our Contract through, said he wished we had their man etc, said their brother drew up plan and contract and they did not pay even the value of their work. They were two years after it was all finished at St. Joachim's. However Catelli is getting nettled and what can we do I have sent Descuffi to Carletti to say before we sign the Contract we will have his bill for work or plan or whatever he thinks he ought to have and then we shall know the man better and see if he is exorbitant. I think ,100 is a great deal too much and that it ought all to have been included in the bulk except a something for the extra trouble he has had.


1. Regarding Schumacher's I did not want you to take out any money, only asked you, had you better give notice that we shall want 2 or 3 hundred next month. You know about that, I do not.


2. If Fr. Forrest cannot give the Retreat, how about Fr. Strickland?

They are out not at St. Stefano for the Procession. We have not made any fuss. I am sure it will be just as devotional. Fancy, I sent Sr. Hilda this morning to Abbot Regnault to let him know about the Procession and the brother answered "He died, sister, this morning." Also Mrs Dawson died suddenly. Sr. Francis' man died yesterday, Sr. Gonzaga's boy received all last Rites and she thinks he may die to night. Francesca's husband just been to say she is in kind of stupor and 39 at 1 o'clock.


Must finish. Just returned from the Procession. American College took the musical part and said it was "the least they could do." God bless all. Hope Fr. Russell is better. Sr. Alphonsus (Isleworth) is nursing Fr. Smith, he wired M. Etheldreda. M. Michael and girls leave tomorrow. Loving and offering you to Jesus' dear Heart, Mother.

Letter 164:

My darling,


Am now waiting for Catelli as I sent Descuffi to tell Carletti I would not sign the Contract until he sent in his bill, upon which Carletti said it would be 9.000 lire, so I telephoned to Catelli who said he would come up. I really feel afraid of Carletti, not that I think he would wilfully do a dishonest act, but the exorbitance seems fearful. Of course we will not pay, but if we sign the Contract before the bill is paid we shall be in his power.


It is most extraordinary. M. Cecilia took the girls to the Holy Father this afternoon and asked the Holy Father to say a Hail Mary, and he was so sweet, knew all about he Hospital, I suppose from Bisleti and promised, and now we have put off the signing. I am sure God will arrange for the best. We are so little, He so great.


In union of prayers and acts, both in union with Jesus in His Sacred Humanity, Mother.

Sr. Bonaventure will tell all news, except this kind.

Letter 165:

My Childie,


I do think it wrong of anyone to let you out in Florence, of all places, at one o'clock in the day. If you are going to do such things as that you would be better in Rome, which is not like Florence midday, always talked of as so dangerous. The mornings are better in Florence but not midday. It is much worse.


They are going to Catelli again for a definite price. Catelli says Manassei rates things too low, so there will probably be a medium sum named. In the meantime Father Bonaventure says he thinks Fr. O'Keefe is undetermined and half a mind to go out. Pont. Angelica house was not liked, 130 rooms, a barn of a place five stories. Had to refuse Mr Henderson to-day, his wife has dysentery, it is going about. We said tomorrow and a Postulant could go tonight, but she was not trained. He telephoned they did not want her, so perhaps they will not want the sister tomorrow. Chamberlains have sent three times, well, we cannot help it. The Warnes leave tonight and only today knew we were anything but a simple nursing order, that we took up certain devotions, as other orders take up Apostleship of Prayer etc., but no idea, as someone else told me this week.


Must go back to business. Ojetti just been will take the Chalice to the Consulate, give Receipt there and Vice Consul bring it up. Do not be surprised if you do not hear from poor Miss Dickinson. She wrote and Sr. Patricia tore it up, she said it was nonsense. She has fever! I think it will be soon manifest to more than we would wish, what she has, poor creature. Love and bless my children. You do not seem to get all letters, I have marked some 1, 2 & 3, which you not answer.

Ever your loving Mother.

Letter 166:

God bless my Child!


`Life on earth is all a warfare.' Well, really the fight to get that Contract settled up. The old boy seemed running about into one and the other, - mad, and I do not think anyone expected it would end right last night. Only when Benediction came I thought we will not have Benediction now, but keep Our Lord exposed till 9 p.m. and then Card. Macchi coming in said he would wait and pray and perhaps that finally settled things. I felt a bit conscience stricken when Carletti left a receipt stamped and all and I had not paid him a penny, so was glad to have Etheldreda's ,100 which I remembered you telling me you would put with the other monies from Pope Pius' box in the safe.


Mother Raphael said it was quite at the top so disturbed nothing, so everything has been arranged as well as could be expected. Cardinal Macchi coming in was remarkable, and as to Leonori - I could not but smile as his addition to the Contract was read out, viz. that no more was to be paid monthly than there had been work done in the month, and if more money had been paid than work done, it was to be refunded to us. Then I make an act of hope in His Providence, so long as one knows they are trying to use their energies as well as trusting we cannot trust too much.

So you understand, Dearie, I on no account wish you to withdraw, at any time, all the money you may have, for we can always draw on Schumacher, but I know you would not like to draw on Schumacher for furniture, ordinary expenses etc. What we are doing with Schumacher is a business transaction, for we have the value of what he lends out, as he lends it; as the building rises his loan has its value. When we are in, we shall then have our rent in hand and shall know what a heavy pull it was, more than a mortgage or interest, but I am grateful we have had such a respectable place and it has done us much good being in Castelfidardo. I meant to write you out an account of that ,25 of Francis, but the days fly, you must see that the --


1. Altar, 2. Picture, 3. Iron stove, 4. Cloth of gold. The fireman painted the Altar and I thought I had better pay for whatever he had done at S.

Stefano for Rafaele as well. ,5 (for you know what and I have not counted the remainder).


Mother Mary bless mother's own child prays Mother.

Letter 167:

God bless Childie,


Have just had a long talk with Signor Leonori. He is going to the site. Is it not wonderful? I said as the Contract was signed on St Anthony's Feast, it was a sign he was going to find treasures for us. Leonori said if there was not a guard on he would see it put. He advised us bring away anything we could. We would have a better chance of selling also and better taken care of. Sr. Philippa went to scratch the vase, but the head man quickly stopped her saying she might injure it. It was to be put in the sun, and then the crust of ages would easier be got off.


Leonori said he would take care of anything in his museum; we could label it, but as his place is under Government it might cause confusion, and if he died our word might be doubted. Leonori is having a sanctuary lamp made the same shape as on found under his ground, so that what burned before the Blessed Sacrament ages ago should be used again. We only got the news late last night and I had sent word to Descuffi he must get some money this morning. Well, he returned at midday with twenty pounds and when he heard the news said he must go off at once. Some arrangement will have to be made. The old man you know showed Philippa a mouldy coin with well defined head and said he was offered a franc but would not take ....

Letter 168:

My childie will soon be home. Such a welcome awaiting. It will not do you good to remain if you are craving so to come home. It is not hotter now than usual, now - only the things naturally got baked through when it was 110 - God keep you in his loving Providence and the Angels watch my child prays Mother.


I think the people like this Terrace, they stay so long. Br Michael has been such a time, it had delayed the time, but it is useful talk. In the afternoon I wrote the Visitation letter. I feel very happy about you coming back. I do not know when I felt so glad to see you again as now.

Letter 169:

God bless my own,


Shall be glad to hear from my childie and know exactly how she is. Have just cut this paper, as there is no possibility of writing all I want and also I wanted to answer Fr. Smith's. I wanted him to have it on arriving at Fiesole, to show him how easy it is to make mistakes, even old priests like Fr. Cardella, but there have been some long yarns. One - poor Fr. Ryan who is so humiliated that his bill at Fiesole is not paid. He says he will see to it at once.


God bless my loved ones at Fiesole, holding you to Jesus night and day, Mother.


Cannot send all letters of yours, much less the Little Abbess'.

Letter 170:

My Darling,


I meant, when I sent you books, to say of course get the blessing of obedience from Fr. Forrest before reading them and leave them if he did not think well, but I thought when you had read them you could pick out pieces for Professed reading. It is sad how little they know of their religion. God's grand lovely Church is lowered in the eyes of some.


There is so much talk now with poor Tyrells' death. Unfortunate, most unfortunate man, as Dr.. O'Riordan said "Why even a cab society kick a member out who does not keep the rules". Every "Body" of people do, but they will not allow God's Church to do this. Re. - Father Forrest, he is such a perfect religious, his superiors may have remarked the length of time spent. Ought we not to remunerate them? You know we might remark a sister's time taken and no remuneration.


I am better, I think it was the paint. Sr. Thecla also better, going to have Holy Communion in the morning. As ever, Mother.

Letter 171:

Jesus bless and strengthen my child,


God is with you. Do not fear, your desires are from God and show His Love. Fr. Forrest, I am sure, is trying you and also perhaps wants gradually to increase, rather than begin and then relax. I really revere your longing for holiness.


Jesus seems to you to sleep, but how He has watched you through life, and how much you have to thank God for. Wanted to write a longer letter, but visitors again.


As ever Mother, offering you many times a day to Our Lady whom you so love.

Letter 172:

God bless my childie,


I made up my mind you should have a letter today or you would not have one. First of all, this morning news came that, trying to get up a long marble column (the stand of which they dug up a few days ago) they found two coffins and opening them, found bodies - skeletons, one with the arms out, face on one side. Fortunately, Descuffi was there, and seeing that neither column, coffin or anything else could be got without danger, ordered the men to come over from the ...


... air, and now we are wondering what to do for the best. The difficulty is to get time, for enclosed telegram came in the early hours of the morning and Montfort had to be got to go. Then came a private audience for 6 Sisters; would you believe Sr. Gertrude and the new Sisters and Genevieve were alone with the Holy Father, who laughed out at Genevieve who caught hold of his hand and would not let it go, till he promised to receive her vows in November and then bless all Mother General, all Novices, her own mother etc etc. Bisleti also was amused.


Am sorry we promised Princess Sonnino's daughter a sister tomorrow and now Sr. Rapahel says she cannot leave, (We took her away from Mrs Bloomer some time ago). Regarding Sr. Mechtilde she has been really hard nursing, up nearly every night since you left, with Mrs Webber who is rather exacting. She can only get a few hours off in the day. I was really sorry Sr. Mechtilde could not get out, as Mrs Webber does not like strange faces. My Darling, I have so much to write, but must leave, - 2 or 3 just been in. No train to Brindisi, no telephone to Princess. Well Cecilia, I said, you must go first thing tomorrow morning to say, the sister we promised cannot leave. "Mother, said Cecilia, give me time to hear my Mass". She is a little worked up, but trying to do her best.


God is good to me, it does not distract me, I have such a feeling being sent. As though I had been in Heaven with God and sent, and what I have to do is given by God and I like to do it, and I like to leave it when He wishes. But it is growing a strange mixture, one moment up with the Saints and then all these incidents. They are just now telling me how Descuffi says these bodies must be saints they look so nice. He took up an arm and it came off, and a pickaxe went near a skull and knocked it off; they put it in the museum for the present.


Love all for Mother.


Regarding Retreats, by all means arrange with Fr. Forrest. Fr. Chandlery will give one here in July. I think it would be impossible for you to make one here well, and thought you had wisely decided to stay for it, and I have been arranging a little plan, Fr. Chandlery suggested, vis. to ask Baron Hoffman to let us have some rooms for a few months at the Villa Mattei. I did not mean to tell you till I knew whether or not we could, but I thought it would be good for you to be on the spot and I could be wheeled into the grounds in the evening and the sisters come in turns, like at Villa Gelsomino. I do not think it is so much Rome that hurts you as the want of rooms and air. You know I have permission for Mass (Private Oratory) and I could make a visit to St. Stefano every day. Now this is only an idea, which there has not been time to think much about, and may come to nothing, but let me know what you think of it. I have so much more to tell you, but Miss Nicholls has just been and it delayed me.


Mother Mary put childie near the Sacred Heart, prays Mother.

Letter 173:

God bless my own, for whom I felt so much on account of that fresh cross of Mis D's. I cannot say do not trouble, for you have a heart, you are not a "stick". Your pain drew you to Jesus' Heart. It made you understand better what it felt at ingratitude, and this is real union, not sentimental, but true union of heart and soul with Jesus. If God does not speak to you in prayer He does so in another way and very effectual one.


Have just seen Don Descuffi who will enquire and thinks Propaganda might do now what he has known them to do before. In any case, he says, the Mortgage is easy and the land now much more valuable than when we bought it, from the discoveries. Had to leave for off,- Cardinal Merry came and stayed, should think, an hour, so must finish sooner, as Fr. Coleman came after and now that lovely Novena is going on, that I have joined so earnestly. It was lovely thought of yours.


God love my own God's Peace of union of will - a will firm to the permission of Providence, no matter whether they are worked out by the good or bad. Fiat! Help me Jesus, submit, be patient, resigned, - and then peace will come, but as long as we live there will be a battle, but it is a glorious fight. Ever, Mother.

Letter 173:

God bless my own, for whom I felt so much on account of that fresh cross of Mis D's. I cannot say do not trouble, for you have a heart, you are not a "stick". Your pain drew you to Jesus' Heart. It made you understand better what it felt at ingratitude, and this is real union, not sentimental, but true union of heart and soul with Jesus. If God does not speak to you in prayer He does so in another way and very effectual one.


Have just seen Don Descuffi who will enquire and thinks Propaganda might do now what he has known them to do before. In any case, he says, the Mortgage is easy and the land now much more valuable than when we bought it, from the discoveries. Had to leave for off,- Cardinal Merry came and stayed, should think, an hour, so must finish sooner, as Fr. Coleman came after and now that lovely Novena is going on, that I have joined so earnestly. It was lovely thought of yours.


God love my own God's Peace of union of will - a will firm to the permission of Providence, no matter whether they are worked out by the good or bad. Fiat! Help me Jesus, submit, be patient, resigned, - and then peace will come, but as long as we live there will be a battle, but it is a glorious fight. Ever, Mother.

Letter 175:

My Child shall be the first to whom I write the good news after all this waiting. I think you heard that the Cardinal Vicar said that the day he founded the Mother House of the Little Company should be the day when all the houses should keep the Feast of the order "The Maternal Heart of Mary". He gave the permit and seemed surprised when Sr. Hilda told him there had been any difficulty. He said to tell me what he said, but that if I liked to send a letter to him he would take it to the Holy Father, so today we had the good news that the Holy Father gave every permission, that we should have the Feast of our Order, the same as other orders and we are to "faccia pure".


Now, Dear, will you send round to the Houses, 1st Australia, that all may be in time, and is it not funny the 15th is the day we have suffered so for to have the money ready. Tell M. de Pazzi she has been suffering for a good cause. They did so much for Our Lady's honour in Fiesole the enemy would be sure to revenge himself.


Since writing had Carletti such a long time, but must wait till tomorrow. Our Lady bless you and all, Mother.


"Te Deum laudamus! Te Mariam laudamus!" Do you remember Fr. Cardella's card upon the approbation I have it still. How he is watching the spread of the little plant he is so loved.


God bless my child. Such a welcome awaits from all. Will this do for invitation cards. Must not leave too much to the end. Cardinal sending his nephew to make arrangements. I fancy Card. Macchi would have liked to have performed the ceremony, but says it is the Cardinal Vicar's right.

Letter 176:

God bless, just a line, my childie.


Am so sorry you are having such weather and then the upset state of Via Ferruccio.


1. There are two very nice nuns come for the Final Approbation of their Rules. We took them in and put them in Miss Bryan's room, saying the lady would return in a few days. They have letters to Cardinals Satolli and Martinelli. Say what you think. They are a purely teaching order, very quiet and holy, Mother General and Novice Mother.


Father Aloysius Blackley seems very pleased with "the Little Company" and as he is made Vice Rector of the Holy Stairs and goes there tomorrow it will be convenient for the Sisters to be sure of a confessor. The tram goes from all parts. Mons. Bisleti seemed to hope that it was true about the road or Esplanade at St. Stefano, said it would be a great advantage and we could easily accommodate our plan to it.


Sr. Pia is writing to you. Of course, I did not give in to her, but she wishes to go away, so I did not press her. I do not think Sr. Laurence would do for Malta. Such visitors! Boy very bad at the College. Poor Philippa almost made out he would not have been, if he had been here. Am sending Sr. Patrick for the night. She has another case morning and night of Dr. Brock's, so it fit in. The lady pays 5 frances a day.


God bless, Mother. All well here, Sr. Lua a cold only.

Letter 177:

God bless my own,

So glad of postcard. Hope all are well. The little ceremony went off alright, some little matters might have been arranged better, for instance, Don Julien was saying Mass during the sermon and the singing went on during the Consecration, etc.


Sr. Lua and Sr. Philippina both out and Sr. de Sales wants Sr. Gregoria for another case in the same Hotel, would look to her, but I was rather afraid. She did not want Sr. Mechtilde. Mrs Holly in bed with influenza, fever etc. Archbishop Redwood and Fr. Forestier will be going on the same boat with Sr. Berchmans, you will be glad to know. I suppose M. Cecilia must, Sr. Philippa cannot and Sr. Hilda is looking to the cases, with Sr. Maddalena and Catherine.


I did not tell you yesterday that you must write or someone print on the top of the picture the "ampie benedizioni celesti" etc. The Pope said all sorts of kind things, but Sr. Philippa said she only went to interpret, so did not say much or she had the opportunity. The Malta ceremony is not till the 20th.


Now have a good rest and keep in peace. Love and bless all for Mother.

Poor little Pip was in and out all night, expects everyone to love and sympathise with him.

Letter 178:

God bless my own,


We think the Concert will be a success after all, and all the more flattering that the tickets are taken for our sakes and no one refuses. The Committee wanted Mother Cecilia to represent (us), of course I said No, but Cardinal Macchi is going and Count Vincenzo being asked would he present bouquets to the Artistes, declared his willingness to present unlimited numbers of flowers to any number of ladies, shake hands with everyone, go on the stage and do whatever he is asked. Archbishop Stonor is going; just as I was saying my 3 o'clock Rosary, it came into my mind someone will have to return thanks for us. I wonder what English gentleman would do it?


Monsignor Kennedy bought 100 francs worth of tickets for himself. The boys were offered by the Committee tickets for a franc, and to hear them "Thank you, we'd like 5 franc tickets and sit in the front. I sent word to Descuffi no National anthem was to be sung.


The Sisters are getting over their colds, but teeth don't speak of it. Sr. Brendan, Fenchelle said, must have them out, all I think. I said No, not this weather, only the one paining her. Sr. Camillus, Webb found green, must have some kind of operation tonight with anaesthetic; De Sales taking her. Hilda gone upstairs to the patient. Camillus must rest for days. I have refused 3 or 4 cases, and feel so sorry, but really I cannot send De Sales. She takes up all Sisters' duties, - last night Mrs St John and Raymond, Lua not well. Mechtilde they are all vexed with, for she (they say) won't take anything. She is in bed, throat very bad, but poor little thing had a hard time with the washing.


I have begged M. Raphael to get a woman, and as she did not, send to the Sisters of Charity. They had none to send our, but they have sent a strong country girl, called Loretta, who Francesca has taken in tow with great success. I hope you do not mind but what could be done? Picture of health and strength. De Sales made her a little cap.


God keep you in His Peace, prays Mother.


Cardinal Macchi and Rampolla both sending presents, beautiful, they say for Bazaar. M. Patrick and M. Agatha sent money, ,38, I think.

Letter 179:

God bless my Child and the Angels or Livorno give her a welcome,

Now please God you will lay in a stock of health. Re. the Cross for Mr Dalton, by the time your letter came all was done as you wished, hand painted Blessing etc. Mr Descuffi had already done it when your letter came. He asked should we send the bill, but I said, No, we would pay it, registered, and insured. It was a large grand Cross. The Blessing was painted better than ours, but cost about half the price.


Some friends of Mr Mair came today, going to see the building tomorrow. Sr. de Sales at the Continental, Congestion of lungs, American, Sr. de Montfort at a meningitis (case). A Miss Watts here, Father Louis asked us to take, at 6 former convents, young lady. Miss O'Bryne in her room ill for some days.


So glad of telegram, I cannot understand why the letters come so erratically, I think four of yours in one day. Now visit Our Lady for me. Love to M. Michael and Edith.


Love from your loving Mother Mary.


All renew Confirmation and Joy be with all. Am better. Morani wants a mortgage, I am waiting to see his lawyer.