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The Journey to Consecrated Life

As you contemplate a life of deepening commitment to the call of the Gospel, we invite you to consider joining our life as a Sister of the Little Company of Mary.

  • Does concern for the suffering and dying move your heart in a special way?
  • Do you have the passion and courage to reach out to others and bring goodness and justice to our world?
  • If so, you may be called to be a Sister of the Little Company of Mary.

Little Company of Mary is here to be with you along your exploration of life as a woman religious. The first step is to contact us (via the Contacts tab above) for each specific country. We are here to journey with you, to listen and to answer any questions you have. Asking questions doesn’t mean you are making a commitment. We are ready to help you discover the next steps in your journey, wherever it may take you. Your privacy and anonymity will always be respected.

The Process

Inquiry: This initial period is to help a woman discern her call. Regular contact with a Vocation Minister will help you discover how and where the Spirit of God is leading you. We are willing to help you with that journey by sharing with you our mission and how it is lived out as a member of the Little Company of Mary.

Application: When you and the Vocation Minister agree that the call to the Little Company of Mary way of life is deepening and appropriate you may decide to make an application. You will have the opportunity to grow in familiarity with our lifestyle and spirit through, correspondence, phone calls, and visits with the Sisters for prayer and experience of community living. You will be invited to “Come and See” weekends/days. During this time the Vocation Minister will companion you as you continue in your discernment process.

Pre-candidacy: Once you have completed the application and been accepted by the Province Leader to continue in the process, you are considered a pre-candidate.

Candidacy: A ritual of prayer and welcome marks the beginning of your Candidacy once your application has been accepted. This 1-2 year process is a time of experiencing and understanding what Religious Life entails, a time of transition to community living. Opportunities will be provided for you to study scripture, the Charism and history of the Little Company of Mary, experience the Little Company of Mary ministry with those who suffer and die either physically, spiritually or emotionally, meet regularly with a spiritual director, further develop your personal calling and preparation for the Novitiate.

Novitiate: Following successful candidacy, you are received into the Novitiate. This is a more intense period of discernment while you engage in prayer, study the vows, minister with other Novices, engage in an in-depth study of the life, mission and spirit of the Congregation and continue to live in community. The two-year novitiate includes a canonical year and an apostolic year with more ministerial involvement. The International Formation Community (Novitiate) is in the Philippines. At the end of the Novitiate you make Temporary Profession.

Temporary Professed: Upon completion of the Novitiate, you become a member of the community by making your First Profession of the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience. Temporary Profession lasts for a period of three to six years. During this time you are in full-time ministry or studies while continuing your discernment. This is a time for continued development as a vowed Religious woman integrating community, prayer, ministry and Little Company of Mary spirituality as you prepare for Perpetual Profession.

Perpetual Professed: After completion of a period of time as a Temporary Professed you make Perpetual Profession, or Final Vows, as a Sister of the Little Company of Mary.

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