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In Memory of our recent deceased Little Company of Mary Sisters:

Sr Angela Dance Sr Angela Dance (29 KB)

Sr Mechtilde Hunter Sr Mechtilde Hunter (527 KB)

Sr Margaret Forde Sr Margaret Forde (443 KB)

Sr Luigi Dunkin Sr Luigi Dunkin (676 KB)

Sr Loreto Allen Sr Loreto Allen (59 KB)

Sr Stephanie O'Keeffe Sr Stephanie O'Keeffe (130 KB)

Sr Aine Cunniffe Sr Aine Cunniffe (423 KB)

Sr Cleophas Relihan Sr Cleophas Relihan (612 KB)

Sr Mariana Keegan Sr Mariana Keegan (1016 KB)

Sr Denise Hynes Sr Denise Hynes (1044 KB)

Sr Therese Connolly Sr Therese Connolly (121 KB)

Sr Kieran Uhlenberg Sr Kieran Uhlenberg (132 KB)

Sr Margaret Mary Wilkinson Sr Margaret Mary Wilkinson (50 KB)

Sr Pauline O'Shea Sr Pauline O'Shea (143 KB)

Sr Mary Truter Sr Mary Truter (136 KB)

Sr Felix Galvin Sr Felix Galvin (76 KB)

Sr Marie Tooze Sr Marie Tooze (113 KB)

Sr Rachel Tarlinton Sr Rachel Tarlinton (293 KB)

Sr Joan Westblade Sr Joan Westblade (1731 KB)

Sr Maree Loadsman Sr Maree Loadsman (1203 KB)

Sr Brigid Gleeson Sr Brigid Gleeson (43 KB)

Sr Dorothy Hannibal Sr Dorothy Hannibal (143 KB)

Sr Brenda Daley Sr Brenda Daley (123 KB)

Sr Mary Mullane Sr Mary Mullane (109 KB)

Sr Shirley Raffen Sr Shirley Raffen (112 KB)

Sr Francesca Whelan Sr Francesca Whelan (34 KB)

Sr Margaret Fitzgerald Sr Margaret Fitzgerald (34 KB)

Sr Felicitas Slattery Sr Felicitas Slattery (417 KB)

Sr Kathleen Scott Sr Kathleen Scott (138 KB)

Sr Marie Frances Brown Sr Marie Frances Brown (75 KB)

Sr Teresa Whooley Sr Teresa Whooley (121 KB)

Sr Alacoque Forster Sr Alacoque Forster (39 KB)

Sr Dymphna Murphy Sr Dymphna Murphy (31 KB)

Sr Maura Carmody Sr Maura Carmody (33 KB)

Sr Joseph Sullivan Sr Joseph Sullivan (15 KB)

Sr Cecelia Lynch Sr Cecelia Lynch (16 KB)

Sr Jean Marsden Sr Jean Marsden (100 KB)

Sr Sheila Brosnan Sr Sheila Brosnan (62 KB)

Sr Celestine McCarthy Sr Celestine McCarthy (27 KB)

Sr Antonia O'Donnell Sr Antonia O'Donnell (216 KB)

Sr Rose Martin Sr Rose Martin (15 KB)

Sr Nora Carmody Sr Nora Carmody (43 KB)

Sr Rita McInerney Sr Rita McInerney (130 KB)

Sr Edenia Choi Sr Edenia Choi (121 KB)

Sr Noreen McMahon Sr Noreen McMahon (77 KB)

Sr Anthony O'Dwyer Sr Anthony O'Dwyer (18 KB)

Sr Mary O'Shea Sr Mary O'Shea (63 KB)

Sr Cecilia Caspers Sr Cecilia Caspers (123 KB)

Sr Louise McMahon Sr Louise McMahon (163 KB)

Sr Margaret McMahon Sr Margaret McMahon (189 KB)

Sr Carmel McInerney Sr Carmel McInerney (27 KB)

Sr Anna Kim Sr Anna Kim (228 KB)

Sr Patricia Harkin Sr Patricia Harkin (78 KB)

Sr Rosarii Butler Sr Rosarii Butler (77 KB)

Sr Carmela O'Reilly Sr Carmela O'Reilly (144 KB)

Sr Kathleen McIntyre Sr Kathleen McIntyre (85 KB)

Sr Teresa Hussey Sr Teresa Hussey (49 KB)

Sr Anna Carey Sr Anna Carey (101 KB)

Sr Thora Specht Sr Thora Specht (44 KB)

Sr Kevin Murphy Sr Kevin Murphy (299 KB)

Sr Veronica Sullivan Sr Veronica Sullivan (39 KB)

Sr Anne Gale Sr Anne Gale (68 KB)

Sr Nuala McEllistrim Sr Nuala McEllistrim (52 KB)

Sr Dorotheus Loane Sr Dorotheus Loane (134 KB)

Sr Giuseppe Keane Sr Giuseppe Keane (61 KB)

Sr Catherine Keane Sr Catherine Keane (610 KB)

Sr Mairead McKeough Sr Mairead McKeough (47 KB)

Sr Damien Cross Sr Damien Cross (161 KB)

Sr Vianney Bartels Sr Vianney Bartels (142 KB)

Sr Catherine O'Connell Sr Catherine O'Connell (435 KB)

Sr Mary Quittenden Sr Mary Quittenden (66 KB)

Sr Christina Lloyd Sr Christina Lloyd (177 KB)

Sr Eily Dunne Sr Eily Dunne (124 KB)

Sr Cecilia Mangan Sr Cecilia Mangan (42 KB)

Sr Kilian Considine Sr Kilian Considine (1514 KB)

Sr Blanche Board Sr Blanche Board (77 KB)

Sr Virgilius McShane Sr Virgilius McShane (161 KB)

Sr Adrian Davis Sr Adrian Davis (149 KB)

Sr Philippine Cass Sr Philippine Cass (73 KB)

Sr Patricia Johnstone Sr Patricia Johnstone (130 KB)

Sr Marie Aquinas McNamara Sr Marie Aquinas McNamara (156 KB)

Sr Denise Walsh Sr Denise Walsh (142 KB)

Sr Oliver Plunkett Sr Oliver Plunkett (79 KB)

Sr Marcian Whiting Sr Marcian Whiting (344 KB)

Sr Juliette Karooz Sr Juliette Karooz (370 KB)

Sr Winefride Lovett Sr Winefride Lovett (722 KB)

Sr Paulinus Keating Sr Paulinus Keating (48 KB)

Sr Margaret O'Brien Sr Margaret O'Brien (263 KB)

Sr Fidelis Mullins Sr Fidelis Mullins (66 KB)

Sr Frances Teresa Rattigan Sr Frances Teresa Rattigan (58 KB)

Sr Patricia O'Sullivan Sr Patricia O'Sullivan (70 KB)

Sr Breeda Treacy Sr Breeda Treacy (51 KB)

Sr Annunciata Hughes Sr Annunciata Hughes (43 KB)

Sr Virginia O'Brien Sr Virginia O'Brien (89 KB)

Sr Christine Astell Sr Christine Astell (293 KB)

Sr Mel Kennedy Sr Mel Kennedy (48 KB)

Sr Fanahan Moriarty Sr Fanahan Moriarty (60 KB)

Sr Mary John Schlax Sr Mary John Schlax (248 KB)

Sr Magdalene Quinn Sr Magdalene Quinn (970 KB)

Sr Joseph Higgins Sr Joseph Higgins (66 KB)

Sr Felicitas Galvin Sr Felicitas Galvin (591 KB)

Sr Boniface Fogarty Sr Boniface Fogarty (50 KB)