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Sr. Fillys Madziya
Little Company of Mary South Africa & Zimbabwe

Sr. Fillys Madziya"I was deeply touched by the relationship my parents had for one another, for our family and for those in need. As I was growing up in Zimbabwe, I was a frail child. I will never forget the healing, loving touch from my parents that kept me alive. Imitating them, I began to do charity work at the parish level. I visited, prayed with the sick, the lonely, the poor and those in need of my support in any way. I felt drawn and called to do more for God - I felt like something was missing. When one of the Little Company of Mary Sisters visited my parish, she was full of life and joy that was ‘infectious’. I felt drawn to share with people my faith and spirit and give them my companionship as they journeyed through life. I wanted to be that loving presence to those people who would like to remember their last moments as being loved. I felt the call to the Little Company of Mary's spirituality was where I could best spread God's kingdom."

Sr. Monica Whelan
Little Company of Mary Australia

Sr. Monica Whelan"After encountering a Little Company of Mary Sister, I was drawn further to seek and understand its charism. It was then after meeting with other Little Company of Mary Sisters that I was able to finally give my 'Yes' to that same call to pray for the sick and dying. A variety of life's experiences, reflective of my own and others' suffering, challenged me to question the restlessness within myself. There is great fulfillment in answering this call and being a Sister of the Little Company of Mary. This journey gives me great joy, peace and happiness amongst all the chaos of everyday living. The Spirituality of the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary enables me to be with those in need and be a greater part of the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. The essence of being called to live a life of prayer enables me to continue to spread the Good News as Mary did for her dying Son on Calvary."

Sr. Deborah Conley
Little Company of Mary USA

"In the summer of my sophomore year in high school I began working as a nurses’ aide at Little Company of Mary Hospital in Evergreen Park, IL.  I was 15 years old.  I felt drawn to nursing as I had Dominican Sisters for 12 years in grammar and high school. As I worked, I observed the LCM Sisters giving loving care, attention and comfort to the patients and their families.  A priest asked me what I was planning to do after graduation, and I answered I was going to be a nurse.  He planted the seed that the LCM Sisters, whom he greatly admired, were nurses and I could be a nurse and a Sister of LCM.  That was my “door opener” to say, “YES” to religious life and a community of wonderful women.

I have had so many positive ministry experiences over the years (Formation work, Nursing, facilitating groups of Aids patients, Spiritual Direction, team member at retreat houses).  Presently, I have a spiritual direction practice.  I volunteer one day a week at my home parish and also volunteer at a food pantry.

I have so much gratitude as I celebrate 60 years of cherished blessings from a generous and loving God."

Sister Mariana Keegan
Little Company of Mary Australia

Sr Mariana Keegan"Sr Mariana worked for 22 years on the Reception desk at Calvary Health Care Canberra. Over that time, she oversaw many changes – the beginnings of the private hospital, the development of Hyson Green Mental Health Services, the opening of the Calvary Clinic, the establishment of the new older persons unit within Calvary Health Care. Working under five different Chief Executive Officers, Mariana was part of the growth of Calvary Health Care. Her ministry at the front desk ensured that patients and visitors and staff were greeted and supported with respect and hospitality. Her association and support of the auxiliary of Calvary were highly valued, and are still missed.

While Mariana is no longer at the front desk, her ministry continues. She has a long standing phone ministry to the sick, and now she has more time, she visits and supports them in their homes, and in hospital. She is also a valued visitor to Calvary Retirement Community Canberra, where she is known to many.

Over the years of her ministry, Mariana’s fondest memories are of the people she has met, those she has supported and those befriended. Now she has some time to enjoy listening to music, and doing those things that have been put on the backburner over the years."


Sister Margaret Webb
Little Company of Mary Australia

Sr Margaret Webb"Sr Margaret held her ministry at LCM Health Care National Office for almost five years. She came to the office to provide an LCM presence and a visible reminder of the Little Company of Mary vision and values, as well as to provide her not inconsiderable experience in Administration.

Margaret was known as an Administrative Assistant, but she was far more than that. She was a support and a point of influence for the members of the National Office over her years of service. She supported the endeavours of the National Office – a task that often meant hard labour – preparing for board meetings, organizing and meeting deadlines for the National Office Educational programmes. Her expertise and unfailing good humour made life easier for those around her.

While Margaret enjoyed her time at the National Health Office in Canberra, and in particular her contacts with those associated with LCM Health Care, she now looks forward to some time to herself. This might be hard to find, as she, along with Mariana, visit the sick, support those who are bereaved, and spend time at the Calvary Retirement Community. However, in her ‘spare’ time, she hopes to get to watch some cricket and football, and the occasional tennis match."