About LCM 

The Sisters of the Little Company of Mary are an international, Catholic Congregation of Religious Sisters founded by Venerable Mary Potter in Hyson Green, Nottingham, England on 2 July 1877.  

As a young woman, Venerable Mary Potter had experienced a sense of being deeply loved by her God, even in the piercing loneliness she felt in her own sickness and in being misunderstood by others. Reflecting on her experience of the “Mother-love of God”, she felt called to respond in love, to reach out, as she saw others experiencing a sense of abandonment in their sickness, suffering and dying. She reflected on Mary of Nazareth, a woman who was for her Son, Jesus on Calvary, a presence of compassion and love. 

As Sisters of the Little Company of Mary, we are called in spirit to be companions of Mary, Mother of God: one with her in mind and heart, as we live our lives with and for Christ.

Our lives continue to be dedicated to making visible the healing presence of Jesus in the midst of human suffering, wherever and however it is experienced, through lives committed to being for the suffering of the world, as Mary was for her Son, Jesus, on Calvary - through prayer, compassion and presence.