Cause For Her Canonisation

We need saints! We need to have someone we can receive inspiration from, to encourage us to lead good and faithful lives

Saint Paul told us unequivocally that we are all called to be saints: “This is the will of God, your sanctification” (1 Thess 4:3). Venerable Mary Potter is a Saint, we know that in our hearts, simply by the life she led, the people she helped and the spread of the Congregation of the Little Company of Mary. All this is true, but the Vatican asks for evidence of miracles that are tangible, remarkable, and otherwise not possible in everyday life. 

The process for the Canonisation of Venerable Mary Potter was begun in 1942. Generally, it takes many years for a Cause to be examined and discussed. Writings are examined, favours looked at, and then we wait for a miracle.

Mary Potter is at the Second Stage of the process towards Canonisation. This is an Examination of her extraordinary life and her commitment to God, showing documentation, her many writings and reports on her Virtues at the Vatican. Then they were approved by the Holy Father, (St Pope John Paul 11) and Mary was given a decree on her heroicity of virtues and given the title of Venerable.

We continue to pray for a miracle, so that Mary Potter will be canonised in time. The saints permit us to see how Christ continues to make himself present to the world, how he acts in the persons of yesterday and of today, and how his Gospel extends in time and space.