Our Mission

“Lord, your people, the sick and the dying, are my people.”
— Venerable Mary Potter

Ours is indeed a mission of love that is attentive to each and every encounter with the other, especially those who are sick, dying or suffering and in need. We do this through constant prayer and our presence in ministry. We are called on a “mission of love”, as Venerable Mary Potter wrote, to nurture a heart which sees where love is needed and acts accordingly. We recognize that the God who loves us touches us through the lives of others. And calls us, as Pope Francis reminds us, to a revolution of tenderness. 

We are called on a “mission of love”

It is true our world is fractured by violence, isolation and apathy, just as it was on Calvary. But it also can be a place of healing and wholeness, community, compassion and empathy, as was embodied in Mary as she stood, the gaze of her heart turned toward her Son, those who hung upon the nearby crosses and those who accompanied him. We know well: we are to be for our world as Mary was on Calvary - one committed to outpoured love in every moment.  

For the sake of our broken world and the God who has called us:

“We are impelled to be contemplative women of the Gospel who are One in the Heart of Mary. We empower one another to be open to new initiatives to meet emerging needs and be a healing presence in our broken world.”
— Chapter Vision 2017