Who are the Greater Company of Mary and Associates of the LCM

The Greater Company of Mary is defined as that vast number of persons who are in any way involved in the ministry and life of the Little Company of Mary, thus co-workers, colleagues, volunteers, families of sisters, friends of any religious affiliation or denomination. Within this broad term belong the Affiliates and Associates, who are more closely linked with the Little Company of Mary.

Associates are people of all ages who desire to deepen their baptismal consecration and are drawn to the vision of Mary Potter and called to share in the Charism, Spirituality and Mission of the Little Company of Mary.

They are led through a Journey Programme, and make a commitment to pray for the sick, suffering and dying and further the Mission of the Church through the Little Company of Mary Spirituality and Charism.

Associates live out the Charism and Spirituality in the circumstances of their daily lives.

This commitment is renewed annually or bi-annually according to Province/Region decision. They have a designated Local Facilitator and meet regularly to share faith, prayer, Little Company of Mary spirituality, ministry and celebration of life.

Associates are not associated with another Religious Congregation either as a member or an Associate. 

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